How to earn Money from Online Jobs


Online jobs have been gaining lot of importance over the past few years. However, there are so many jobs that can be pretty much confusing. You need to be pretty much alert on choosing the right one so that you get for what you work hard. Let us take a ... Read More » Hacked! | Google Palestine Hacked Hacked | Google Palestine Hacked

Yeah! You read it right, Google Palestine was hacked by a team of Palestinian Hackers :  Cold z3ro – Haml3t – Sas – Dr@g. This is probably the biggest hack of 21 Century! Google is the leader of IT Industry, it is the the most used search engine and it ranks ... Read More »

What is Ethical hacking | Different Types of Hackers | Ethical Hacking Certification

What is ethical hacking | Different types of hackers

Hi guys, this is very important post for all those who want to learn ethical hacking or want ethical hacking certification.This post will cover different aspects of hacking, different type of hackers and the methodologies they follow, their mindset and their working. This post will give you a introduction about how to be a hacker and how to get proper ethical hacking training. Read More »

Best Free Hacking Software

Best free hacking tools | Best hacking software

Best Free Hacking Software and Tools List There are plenty of tools floating round the internet which claims to be the most effective in their fields. I have used several hacking tools that are designed for windows and Linux operating system and have seen that the Linux operating system tools ... Read More »

How to buy best USB gadgets for yourself!


MAKE SURE THAT YOU BUY THE BEST USB GADGETS FOR YOURSELF!!! As the technology is advancing with every passing day, many latest machineries or tools are being invented by the different manufacturers that are making the life of people so easy. Like cell phones have acted as a bridge between ... Read More »