How to hide files/folder using cmd

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In this tutorial i am going to show you guys how to hide files or folders using command prompt. Manually hide/unhide folders without using any softwares. You can even create a batch file for this. See how to unlock hidden files.
This is quick and easy .


1)Go to run and type “cmd“[without quotes] and press ok.

2)Type **attrib c:xyzabcd +h +s**[without **] and hit enter.
This will hide folder abcd located at c:xyz.

3)To unhide the folder just change the “+” sign with “-”
**attrib c:xyzabcd -h -s**
and hit enter.


ATTRIB = This command allows the user to change the properties of a file/folder.

c:xyzabcd = Path of the folder.Change this with the path of the folder you want to hide.
[+ ,-] = “+” sign adds the attribute to the file while “-” removes the attribute from the file.
h = Hidden file attribute.
s = System file attribute.


So you just saw how to hide files and folders and how to view hidden files and folders.

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4 Comments to How to hide files/folder using cmd

    • System file attribute : this attribute makes the file specified a system important file like u will find some in windows directory ! but these files are invisible to view the system hidden files follow thse steps :
      tools>>folder options >> view >> tick the “show hidden files ” amd unctick ” hide protected system file ”

      ok i will edit this post and add other atributes too :D

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