Why to root android device | Reasons to root your android

Rooting means becoming a Super User of your device i.e. you use your device as per your preferences from the base than compared to how manufacturer wants you to use it. You just bypass the limitations imposed by the manufacturer and become the master of your device. Though as compared to other OS being an open source Android provides lot of freedom but still there are many things you would

Allow you to load powerful apps

The most attractive advantage of rooting your Android tablet is its ability to install powerful applications that require more-than-usual privileges to your device. Google in fact provokes users to root their devices by providing several great apps which need the access to root. Apps like Network Spoofer or Wi-Fi kill which troll people on wireless networks, Proxy droid which helps in connecting to Wi-Fi networks with proxy settings. More like Market Enabler, ROM Manager, and Chainfire3D are more app for which users are compelled to root their devices. For these apps all you need is to search for root on Google Play to see some of the root-only apps.

Gives you better backup and restoration

As compared to other OS I found Android’s built-in backup and restore functionality is pretty weak. You can use third party alternatives but if access to root solves the issue then what is better than that. For example Titanium Backup lets you backup all of your apps and settings locally as well as on Dropbox and ClockworkMod. Recovery lets you take “nandroid” backups which are complete images of each and everything on your device. Restoring means going back to your previous configuration without anything lost. Titanium backup needs root because the folder in which apps are installed is only accessible with elevated privileges.  It will save you from the problem of starting from scratch after something went wrong.

Gives you better performance and Custom ROMs flashing

Rooting will allow you to flash a custom ROM. You will get better performances and new user experiences. Apps like SetCPU which lets you speed up or slow down your chip for more performance/battery life needs you to root your Android tablet. It will squeeze extra performance by increasing the voltage and frequency of the processor among other things. Some apps are free some are paid but spending a little is worth than buying a new device.

Earlier the main reason to root your device was to get access to missing features such as multi-touch, Wi-Fi-tethering and Apps2SD then Google incorporated these features in Android itself. But still there is so much which can be done with your device once you get the root access. But as they say, “With great power comes great responsibility” so it becomes the responsibility of the user who roots his Android tablet to take care of the damages they can do their device. Once you get the root access you get the power to incorporate whole new options to your tablet but if it is used improperly then it may play havoc to your device.

Also keep it in mind that rooting will void your warranty and hence if you get stuck then no retailer would help you to get you out of the trouble. Hence, always do your homework before you start in this direction and I am sure with proper knowledge you can do wonders with your Android tablets.

Max Kendall is a hardware engineer and blogger who works in a android tablet pcs repairing workshop. In his free time, he writes about new technology advancements about Android OS on many authority blogs.

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