How to hack Applock Password in Android Smartphone?

How to Hack AppLock Password Or Disable AppLock in Android Smartphone?

Worried About your boyfriend/Girlfriend Cheating on you? Want to check if your Wife/Husband is loyal to you or not but They have AppLock installed on their phone? Want to hack AppLock Password? Or to Bypass Applock password without knowing it?

If any of these is your problem, Then you are at the exact right place! We will tell how to hack Applock password. Now your boyfriend can no longer hide his messages from you, Because you know how to bypass app locker password easily. You might also be interested in hacking Facebook Account password of your boyfriend.

Hack Applocker Password
Hack Applocker Password

When it comes to an android smartphone, It is only complete with certain apps like Truecaller, Whatsapp, Facebook, Applocker etc. App Locker is one of the most popular android applications that protect your privacy and prevents un-authorised access to your messages, Gallery, Call etc.

There are many methods to Bypass Applocker and open protected apps.

Hack AppLock in any Android mobile phone

Before trying this method let me clear that, This methods Only If the settings are not locked by the device owner. Before Starting this process kindly check if Settings are locked by the admin or not?

  • Take Android Phone with Applock installed in it (which you want to hack)!
  • Now, Open the settings and tap on Apps.
  • Find Applock under the downloaded apps of the phone.
  • You will have 3 Options to hack AppLock On android
    1. Force Stop
    2. Uninstall
  • You don’t need to uninstall AppLock App, Just Tap on Force Stop.
  • DONE!!! you have Successfully hacked App Lock you can now open any application without any app locker restrictions. If you are prompted again by AppLocker repeat above steps again and it will be gone.

Bypass App lock password without knowing the password – Hack AppLock

we have Force Stop Applocker in this hack. Now, you can easily open any locked apps of the device without entering the password. Isn’t it an amazing hack to know? I know the information in this article would be helpful for many of you out there. So, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.



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  1. My dad don’t allow me to play games on his samsung galaxy s8. I Successfully hacked applock password on his phone to get access! Thanks for sharing

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