*Updated* The Top 6 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2017 (Secure Storage)

Top 6 Best Bitcoin Wallets for Secure Storage

Is there any safe wallet for bitcoins? Are there any secure software wallets available for bitcoin? Can bitcoin be stored in hardware wallets?

If you owe some bitcoins or are playing to buy some, you might be able to relate to the above questions. Value of bitcoin is increasing day by day past few months now and people are curious to know that if buying bitcoins is even safe or not.

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So lets start answering your questions now!

What is a bitcoin wallet?

Bitcoin wallets are a place where your bitcoins are stored. They can be either software wallets (Apps and Softwares to store your bitcoins) or hardware wallets (Special type of wallet which stores your private keys in a secured hardware device). There’s no doubt that hardware wallets are more secure than software wallets but still a lot of people are using software wallets as well. There are a lot of options available for wallets but the main concern among the users is which is the most secure one.

What are Software bitcoin wallets?

Software bitcoin wallets are the wallets that are run digitally. They are of different types : Desktop Wallets, Mobile Wallets, Online Wallets etc

Desktop Wallets

Desktop Wallets for bitcoins are the wallets that help you store your private keys on the hard drive. Although they’re stored on the hard drive but still they’re connected to the internet, so these still lie under the category of hot wallets (wallets that are connected to the internet). Some top recommended desktop wallets are:

  • Armory

  • Exodus

  • Copay

  • Electrum

  • mSigna

  • MultiBit HD

  • Bitcoin Core

Mobile Wallets

Mobile Wallets as the name suggests are the wallets available on your mobile devices. Mobile Wallets for bitcoins are available on Android as well as iOS devices but are considered as least secure form of bitcoin storage. Mobile wallets also come under the hot wallets category. Some top recommended mobile wallets are:

  • Breadwallet

  • Mycelium

  • Bitcoin Wallet

  • Airbitz

  • GreenBits

  • Copay

Online Wallets

Online bitcoin wallets let you store your private keys online. It is always recommended to use a secure and strong password for these wallets. Some top recommended online wallets are:

  • GreenAddress

  • SpectroCoin

  • Coinapult

What are Hardware bitcoin wallets?

Hardware bitcoin wallets are those wallets which let you store your private keys in a secured hardware device. Unlike software bitcoin wallets listed above hardware wallets are not hot wallets, rather they come under the category of cold storage (i.e. data is stored in a micro controller and can be only accessed when authorised).

A major disadvantage of hardware bitcoins when compared to hot wallets is that hardware bitcoin wallets are not free of cost, but its totally worth it.

These wallets are way more secure than any software wallet out there as they’re not directly connected to internet, so risk of fraud or hacking is minimised totally.

Some top recommended hardware bitcoin wallets are:

  • Ledger Nano S


  • KeepKey


  • Ledger HW.1

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