How To Send An Anonymous Email | Create Fake Email Sender

Hi guys! I am back with another amazing and mind blowing tutorials for my reader. In this tutorial I am going to explain you how to send an anonymous email to someone. You must be thinking what is the purpose to send an anonymous email, I will be explaining that too in this detailed post.


Send anonymous email
Send anonymous email

What is Email Spoofing?

Email Spoofing is a process of faking source address of an Email. It means that we can show that email has been sent from someone else. This could be quite useful in various client side hacking techniques and is an important part of Social Engineering.
Using Email Spoofing techniques you can send fake emails to users to win their trust in order to execute our attack. Since the source address will be fake(Probably a mail from some famous trusted company) our victim will believe the mail and will be hacked.

Example use of Email Spoofing :

You can create a Facebook password change form having looks similar to that of Facebook, after that you send the link of the online form to the victim by spoofing the source address as of Facebook like or something like that. This way user will believe that the mail is from Facebook and will surely enter his credentials.

How to send an anonymous mail :

Now let us discuss about the actual steps involved in sending anonymous or fake mails.

1) You first need an fake email sender. You could either use some online fake email sender like :

Or You could even create your own Fake email sender.

2) To create Your own Email account Spoofer you need following things :

2.1) Fake Email Sender script : This script is a PHP mail script using which we can change the source address of an email. Download it from here.

2.2) Free hosting service : You need a hosting service in order to host the PHP mail file. There are many free hosting services which provides a free domain too. We will use some free service like Create an account there an upload your php file there. Your link will be
You could also try some other free web hosting service like :

3) So now you have your own Fake Email sender. You now have to use this script to send fake emails to your victim.

4) In receiver’s address add the email id of your victim.

5) In sender’s address add the email of some reputed company like or something like that.

6) Enter a legit looking subject and message in order to make the victim believe in our email. Just click on send button after that. Your victim will the receive a email from

7) You can use the same way to send fake mails from any Email ID to any other Email ID.

So far we have discussed about how to send an anonymous email. Now I will tell you how you can distinguish between original and fake emails to prevent yourself from frauds. You can check the emails you doubt using the following to check whether their source is legit or not.

To check Email source follow these steps :

1) Open the email you want to check whether it is fake or not.

2) Open the Email header for that Email. To open headers for an email click on “Show headers” or “Show original” ( depends on the email service you are using).

3) There you will see a field of “received from : “, You will see a IP address against that field.

4) Copy the IP Address and trace its location.( Will explain tracing location too in my next post.)

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