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Welcome to out blog we are going to share Nova Launcher Prime apk Download. Nova Launcher Prime apk is the newest and the latest Android launcher and There are lots of launchers for Androids if we just see our eyes wide open. From nova launcher prime 5.5.2 apk you can definitely enjoy much exciting features which wasn’t there earlier. Nova Launcher Prime apk came with Tesla Unread 5.0.8 version. Nova Launcher Prime apk doesn’t need any Root Access to install it. You can download this nova launcher prime 5.5.2 apk in Android as well as in windows.

You can Download Nova Launcher Prime apk from google store for 150 rupees but here in this article I‘m providing you guys some steps by which you guys can download Nova Launcher Prime apk for FREE! Nova Launcher Prime apk gives you those features those are never there in any other launcher. You can get various themes, icons and many more features you can’t even think of. You can only get to know these features after you step and scroll ahead and go on to read those features as well as slide through the steps on How to download Nova Launcher Prime apk.

Nova Launcher Prime apk download – FEATURES

If we talk about the features of Nova Launcher Prime apk, there are various new and exciting features of this launcher. But listing them all will be a tough task so I choose to list some of the coolest features of this Nova Launcher Prime apk. Only because of these features, Nova Launcher Prime apk proves to be the best launcher for smartphones till now. So, let me list some of the most exciting and interesting features of this Nova Launcher Prime apk.

Following are some of the features of Nova Launcher Prime apk.


  1. New-fangled scrolling styles are announced.
  2. There is an intrinsic app secreted feature.
  3. Comprised a custom drawer that is you can produce new folders and tabs for new apps.
  4. There is an app locker. You can lock your applications without using any third-party device.
  5. You can play with some gesticulations counting pinch, swipe and double tap from the home to open apps.
  6. Added unread counts, that is very beneficial for hangout, messenger and Gmail.


Now comes the turn for the common features of this nova launcher prime 5.5.2 apk, I have already told you about the uncommon features of the Nova Launcher Prime apk, now I’m all set to list the very common features of this new launcher now.


  1. Set custom effects.
  2. infinite scroll styles and inbuilt app locker.
  3. Smooth touch.
  4. Added Gestures.
  5. Improved widget features, it is now much faster.
  6. Create scrollable docs.
  7. You can set application with the sub-grid position.
  8. Find cool icon themes.
  9. Scrolling style: Horizontal and vertical.
  10. Much faster than before.
  11. Set different layouts on themes.


Above are some of the amazing features of Nova Launcher Prime apk.

Now, I will straight away list the downloading steps by performing them you call can download the launcher for FREE!


  1. Firstly, you guys need to download Nova Launcher prime APK file in your smartphones/computer.
  2. Now, simply install it and open it.
  3. Now, you will see ‘choose your presets’ page.
  4. Select any one theme of your choice.
  5. After that select app drawer style(“CARD”) etc.
  6. Then select “open app drawer action”.
  7. Click on “APPLY”. THAT.IS IT.

Enjoy your smartphone with much amazing themes and features.


Nova Launcher Prime apk Download

Nova Launcher Prime apk 5.5.2

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