Digital Copy Protection and Copyright violation Threats in the present and the past

Digital Copy Protection and Copyright violation Threats in the present and the past

Data security threats have existed in the past, the present and would continue to exist in the future. Technology was supposed to make our lives easier which it made but limitations exist in every situation. Where we enjoy the perks of technology, hackers and intruders get the same privileges to their end.

Copy Protect Review
Copy Protect Review

Users have complained how their data has been taken away from them without their consent as they didn’t have any protection.

Most of the users have stopped being creative as they know one way or the other, someone a bit tech savvy would hack into their systems and take away all that was supposed to be confidential. This isn’t something new and such cases have happened in the past so many times. Hence, for the sake of our users, we invested some time in researching software that helps them get rid of such problem. Our research came across the software copy protect created by

Below is a brief review of what this software has to offer and how you can prevent data duplication.

Copy Protect Review:

Copy protect as the name suggests is a copy protection software created by The developers had an idea of creating something different and unique and hence ended up creating copy protect.

This tool helps users in protecting their files, folders, drives and more to avoid any type of data duplication or restricting any unauthorized use of your data. The installation process was moderate and didn’t have much complication in it. After few seconds or minutes, your installation would complete which would lead you to the plain UI.

Copy protect’s unique feature is its ability to burn CDs and DVDs. Moreover, you can change the audio and video bit rate of your media content along with selecting a location where you can save new items.

During the conversion process, memory usage and CPU remains low which means your system won’t face and performance issues. However, this software does not have help contents which may create confusion for new users. Overall, Copy Protect is a fine software that fulfills your cloud related security issues. It has a paid and trail version and we would recommend you to give it a try first and then only make the purchase only if it lands up to your expectations. Copy Protect is also available for free download.

Copy Protect Features

Read only executable

Something to applaud here where you convert a file for a respective device, it would only run in that device and won’t run on any other device. How it happens? It actually verifies the ID of the device or drives the authentication whether the file is runnable or not.

Supports multiple file types

The file types it supports include video (MKV, VOB, AVI, MP4) and audio (WMA MP3 WAV OGG AIF) pictures (GIF, TIFF, PNG, JPG) documents (XLS, PPT, PDF, RTF, DOC) and more. A built-in browser are used to upload these file types as the feature of ‘drag and drop’ isn’t integrated.

Works on all types

A good feature of copy protect is that it does not restrict you from creating executable and you can create them anywhere you want. CDs, USBs, DVDs, etc. all are compatible where executable can be created. These devices once created can be handed over to the respective target audience, restricting any unauthorized access.
1. Read only executable
2. Additional Password protection
3. Works on all disk/drive types
1. Limited features
2. No help contents

Over to You

To be precise, this software has very limited features as compared to its competition but its features are dependable enough. Furthermore, copy protect lacks help contents which may become an obstacle for the newcomers as not everyone is tech savvy enough to run any software easily. Hence, it has reliable features but the same features lack in quantity not quality.

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