5 tips to protect your phone from dangerous spyware like Pegasus

Pegasus spyware has reportedly affected hundreds of mobile phones of prominent personalities over the last few years. The spyware was first discovered in the year 2016, and later in 2019 when it alleged infected phones of human right activities, among others.

Pegasus is said to be a sophisticated spyware that is extremely expensive and cannot be afforded by a commoner. Reports suggest that the Pegasus spyware is mainly used to attack phones of prominent personalities who know of some secret or the other. So, it is likely that your phone is not affected with the dangerous Pegasus spyware but there are several other spywares available that can infect your mobile device. Beware!

Considering the growing number of spyware attacks these days, we have listed out 5 tips to protect your mobile phone from dangerous spyware like Pegasus.

Use antivirus solution

There are several antivirus apps available on mobile phones. These apps are readily available on Google Play store as well as on Apple App store for download. These antivirus solutions prevent hackers/scammer from installing dangerous spyware on your mobile phone. It should be noted that an antivirus solution cannot completely protect a mobile phone from being affected, so users must be careful with suspicious links, calls and messages.

Frequently change passwords

Security researchers advice to change passwords on cloud services and frequently used apps on a regular basis, mainly within 30 and 45 days time. If not done, it makes it easy for hackers or scammers to attack your mobile device.

Setup a strong password

Setting up a strong password is mandatory to keep your phone and personal data safe from hackers. Researchers suggest to not use names, date of birth, phone number or any other personal details as password. It is suggested that passwords should contain a mix of alphabets, symbols, numbers and more so that no one can ever guess it.

Use phone with secure hardware

Researchers also suggest users to use an expensive smartphone with a secure hardware. Some of the premium phones from brands like Apple, Samsung, among others offer secure hardware that can prevent spywares like Pegasus to affected the mobile device.

Do not install random apps

Security researchers suggests users to not download random, unnecessary app on their mobile phone. Smartphone users have the tendency to install apps from Play store, which often can be a malware or a way used by hackers to trick them to steal their data and money. So, download only the apps that are secure and developed by reliable/verified developer.