Aarogya Setu gets CoWIN section for vaccine details: Here’s how to access

The Indian Government created the Aarogya Setu COVID-19 Tracking App back in April last year, when it was necessary to lock down Coronavirus. Users can track whether they come into contact with infected persons, receive updates, and much more. Since its launch in April 2013, the app has enjoyed enough popularity and added features. The app was created to simplify people’s lives when they need to face a deadly virus.

A possible solution was found in the CoWIN vaccine, which is now being given to COVID Warriors. Aarogya setu was inspired to create a CoWIN section to provide all information about the vaccine.

Aarogya Setu announced the new integration via Twitter. It is available on iOS and Android versions. These are the steps to access this functionality.

How do I access the Co-WIN section of Aarogya Setu App?

First: Use your Android/iOS device to go to the Aarogya Setu.

Step 2 – After the app has been opened, you’ll see the “CoWIN” section beside the “COVID updates” option.

Step 3 – Tap the button to explore it.

CoWIN section in Aarogya Setu

Step4: The first choice is ‘Vaccine Information’. This section contains three videos answering questions about whether it’s safe and effective, as well as how it was chosen. You can also access the FAQ section and then download a PDF about COVID-19 in India.

Step 5 – This is the second option for people who are vaccinated. You will need the following: Register with the CoWIN App using your mobile number and the 14-digit Beneficiary ID.

CoWIN section in Aarogya Setu

Step 6 The third section of the ‘Vaccine Dashboard’ is where you will find state-by-state information about how many people were vaccinated. This page also offers detailed information. You can tap on the link at the bottom to get more details.

The CoWIN integration into the Aarogya Setu App does not mean the vaccine will be available to the public. Phase one, where the vaccine will be distributed to frontline workers and health professionals, is currently in process.

The CoWIN app cannot be downloaded at the moment. The new integration could prove to be useful for those who want to keep up with the latest developments. To protect your privacy, you should avoid using fake CoWIN applications.