Accidently broke Snapchat streak with friends? Here’s how to restore it

Snapstreaks are what makes Snapchat different from other copycats. People who are good at streaks will agree.

I am one of those people who is addicted to Snapchat. It is most common to make one with multiple people each day or even every hour. What if the fun doesn’t end? Imagine waking up to discover Snapchat streaks that have been broken. It’s a scary thought. There is good news! You can get your Snapstreaks back. Keep reading if you’re curious.

What is the best way to make Snapchat streaks?

Snapchat streaks, for those people who have never heard this term before, are an awesome way to stay in touch with friends.

Let’s get to work. Here are some tips to help you make Snapchat streaks. This is done by sharing photos or videos to people that disappear after they are viewed. The Snapstreak can be started by exchanging direct photos and video for 3 consecutive days.

Once you see a fire emoticon next to someone’s name and the amount of time it has been ongoing, then you will know that the streak is starting. The emoji may change depending on Snapchat’s benchmarks. It will show how far you have come and reward you for continuing to make streaks.

Also, you must know what does not count as Snapstreak. You won’t be able to create one by sending stickers, emojis and text messages.

What can I do to recover Snapchat streaks that have been lost?

Sometimes, the streaks may break down due to an accident or a bad turn of events. In such situations, here’s what to do:

First: Launch the Snapchat app from your Android device or iOS.

Step 2 Tap on Bitmoji to open the Settings menu.

Step 3 Scroll down to reach the Support section. You can access this section by going to the Snapchat Support site.

Step 4 : Select the I Need Help option.

Step 5 – There are many options that will help you choose the issue you have. For this case, you will need to choose the Contact Us option.

Step 6 – Select the “My Snapstreaks vanished” option.

Step 7 – This will bring up a form you’ll need to complete to assist Snapchat. These questions will ask for your name, email address, number and device. You may also need to include the name of the friend with whom you lost the streak, as well as a few other questions.

Step 8 Fill out the form, then enter the CAPTCHA and click Send.

Keep these things in mind.

Send snaps to friends to keep your Snapchat streaks going for as long possible. You don’t have to dress up for this; just snap a picture of your TV and add filters or stickers!