Alert! Paytm cashback scam: Fake Paytm website, it’s a trick to steal your money

Online frauds and scams are rising with every passing day. It is a new day and here comes a new scam. In a new scam, fraudsters are sending a notification to users that claims they have won a big cashback prize. Unfortunately, many are falling for this new online scam.

In the latest Paytm online scam, scammers are sending a random Chrome notification stating “Congratulations! you have won Paytm Scratch Card.” Firstly, any such notification claiming “you have won a cashback” should not be taken seriously. In most cases these are some sort of online fraud to trick users and steal their hard-earned money and personal details such as card details, back account number and much more.

Alert! New Paytm cashback scam?

Unfortunately, several users are falling for this new Paytm online scam that claims a big cashback amount. On clicking the notification, it redirects to a site and not the official Paytm website. This clearly proves that it is a fraud. Well, not many will be able to identify the fake website as it appears exactly like the official Paytm website. However, if you look at the url, it is different from the official website.

This fake cashback offer claims, you have won Rs 2,647. It will then ask you to send the rewards to your Paytm account. On clicking the ‘Send’ button, you will ne redirected to the original Paytm app where you are asked to “pay” the same amount. Unfortunately, not everyone will notice that it’s a “Pay” button and not the one to send the claimed “cashback rewards” to Paytm account. So, don’t click on the Pay button there, otherwise the said amount of Rs 2,647 will be deducted from your Paytm wallet/bank account.

Well, this isn’t the first time that an online scam like this is tricking users. There have been several such incidents in the past. One must be smart enough to identify such scams in the first place and not fall for it. It must be noted that any message or notification that claims “big cashback or rewards” are in most cases fake and should not be taken seriously.