Alexa will give you an updated on IPL score.

IPL 2022: Indian Premier League will be held amid great fanfare. Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, which can be used to assist you if you’re unable to view IPL games live every day, is available. Alexa is able to provide updates for cricket fans, as well as information about participating teams and details after the match.

Here are some tips and tricks to help you keep up-to-date with all the match details throughout the IPL Season.

Learn more about the participating teams

The IPL team rosters change every season, making it difficult to track the changes and who is playing. Alexa makes it easy for cricket fans to find out about participating teams and players by simply speaking simple commands. Users can simply ask Alexa to find out which teams will be playing tomorrow or who the captain is at RCB.

Keep track of your match times

Alexa allows users to keep track of their favourite teams, as well as the upcoming matches. Users simply need to say “Alexa, Mumbai Indians match program”.

Keep track of player statistics and teams

Alexa allows cricket fans to access the most recent stats and player information for their favorite team. All they have to do to find out is “Alexa what rank is KKR?” and “Alexa what score is CSK highest?”

Get live match details

Alexa also provides live updates on match results. They can ask Alexa to tell them who won the toss, or what the score is, or even what the score is for Mumbai.

Get post-match details

Alexa is also available for cricket fans to obtain post-match information once the match has ended. You can say, “Alexa who won the match?” and “Alexa who ran the most runs?”



Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa will be available to provide updates for cricket fans and information about participating teams throughout the IPL Season. Users can ask Alexa questions such as “Alexa, Mumbai Indians match program” to find out what teams are playing and what players are on the roster. There is also information