Amazon Prime Video Watch Party now available in India What to do

Amazon Prime Video has launched the Watch Party feature in India. The Watch Party feature works very similarly to how the third-party Netflix Party extension works. As the name suggests, Amazon Prime Video‘s Watch Party allows users to stream shows, movies, or any other titles with up to 100 friends and family members. Notably, everyone who joins the Watch Party should have an Amazon Prime Video membership.

With Watch Party, Amazon becomes the first-ever streaming platform to officially introduce a group watch feature. The feature allows users to also chat in a sidebar. Amazon claims that it ensures video and audio synchronisation. Users will just need to pick the show or movie they wish to watch with up to 100 friends.  Here’s a step by step process to start Watch Party on Amazon Prime Video.

STEP 1: To get started, first you will need to head over to in a Web browser.

STEP 2: It should be noted that the Watch Party feature is currently limited to Chrome and Firefox only. So ensure to choose the right browser.

STEP 3: After you are logged in, select the title you wish to watch with your friends or family members.

STEP 4: Then select the Watch Party button, which will appear on the title page (the one you wish to watch).

STEP 5: Notably, if you wish to watch TV shows, the Watch Party button will appear next to every individual episode.

STEP 6: On clicking the Watch Party button, you will need to select a chat name.

STEP 7: Then click on the Create Watch Party option.

STEP 8: Amazon will generate a link which you will need to share with others.

To be able to use the Amazon Prime Video Watch Party feature your friends should open the shared link on any of the supported browsers. As mentioned, the Watch Party is currently available only on Chrome and Firefox.

Amazon has clarified that the creator of the Watch Party will have access to video controls, including pause, play, rewind, and fast forward, Amazon notes. The only control that participants will have is the choice of audio and subtitle language. To recall, Amazon introduced the Watch Party feature in the United States in July. Unlike in the US, Amazon Watch Party in India is supported only within the country, this means you will be able to watch shows and movies together on Amazon with friends living in the country.