Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ photography challenge: Kolhapur-based engineer wins award for this picture

Prajwal Chougule from Kolhapur, Maharashtra is among the ten global winners of the Apple ‘Shot on iPhone’ macro photography challenge for his stunning image showing dew drops on a spider’s web. Apple announced the 10 winners who highlight the global and diverse community of iPhone photographers, with finalists from China, Hungary, India, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and the US.

Over the course of several weeks earlier this year, iPhone photographers from around the world shared their best macro photos for the Shot on iPhone Macro Challenge, making even the smallest details seem epic in images taken with their iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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“I am a nature lover and love going on early morning walks with my iPhone 13 Pro. The ‘golden hour’ brings the best out of nature and is a photographer’s delight. Dewdrops on a spiderweb caught my attention, and I was fascinated by the way the dry spider silk formed a necklace on which the dew glistened like pearls. It felt like a piece of art on nature’s canvas,” added Chougule describing the image shot using the Macro Mode of the iPhone 13 Pro.

The winners were selected by an international panel of judges – Anand Varma, Apeksha Maker, Peter McKinnon, Paddy Chao, Yik Keat Lee, Arem Duplessis, Billy Sorrentino, Della Huff, Kaiann Drance, and Pamela Chen.

“We invited the world to share their best macro shots, and our 10 winning photographers captured images that make even the smallest details seem epic — like dew drops on a spider’s web, snowflakes on a dog’s fur, and sea glass dazzling in the daylight — all encouraging us to slow down to take in the wonder around us,” said Kaiann Drance, vice president of Worldwide iPhone Product Marketing, Apple.

The pro camera system on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max features new Ultra Wide, Wide, and Telephoto cameras, all powered by the A15 Bionic.



A person won the Apple “Shot on iPhone” macro photography challenge and they got a prize of £20,000. The person who the prize was given to is Prajwal Chougule from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The winner of the challenge found a spider web with dew drops on