Are you unhappy with WhatsApp’s privacy policies? This is how you can delete WhatsApp.

Many people dislike WhatsApp’s new privacy policies. This blatantly states that the app can share data with users, and you will not be able use it. It puts privacy and security at risk and makes it difficult to understand WhatsApp’s intents.

You can also delete your WhatsApp account to avoid being spied on by WhatsApp, even if it is for your own benefit. First, delete your WhatsApp account. Here are the steps to delete your WhatsApp account.

How do I delete my WhatsApp account from Android or iOS?

We will not tell you exactly how to do it. Once your WhatsApp account has been deleted, all data on the account will also be erased. You will need to make a brand new WhatsApp account in order to get on WhatsApp again. How to delete your WhatsApp account

Step 1: Start WhatsApp on your Android and iOS devices

Step 2: To select Settings for Android, tap the menu icon in the upper right. To select the Settings option for iOS, click on this link

Step 3: Choose the Account option

How do I delete my WhatsApp account?

Step 4: After the section has opened, you’ll see a delete my account option. To continue, tap on the button.

How to delete WhatsApp account

Step 5: Now, enter your mobile number

Step 6: After you have entered the account deletion option, click again

Step 7: Next, provide an explanation for your decision. After that, select the Restore My Account option.

Step 8: WhatsApp allows you to think again. If you are satisfied with your decision, tap the Delete my Account button to confirm it.

Although the steps above are simple, it is important to make sure you have the WhatsApp account deleted. This is why you need to think about it before making a decision.

These steps can be helpful if you’re determined.