Athlete DnD 5E Feat

We welcome adventurers from all walks! Thank you for visiting our website. Do you want to be strong, muscular and tough? This might sound like something you are interested in. dnd 5e athlete featThis feat is for you, your character. This feat is described in the players handbook. This feat should be available to everyone. Let’s take a quick look the description here. So we know we’re talking about.


First, it is not necessary to achieve this feat. So that’s super nice anyone can take at regardless of class or race. This is the final result.

You are an Athlete DnD5E Feat and have had extensive physical training to achieve the benefits listed below.

  • It can increase your Strength score, or Dexterity score to up to 20 point.
  • Whenever you’re prone and also standing up uses only 5 feet of your movement.
  • To climb, it doesn’t take extra.
  • If you can move 5 feet per foot, it is possible to run long jumps or high jumps.

It’s amazing! It’s quite a popular one as well. Let’s go through the walkthrough and i’ll kind of explain why that is.


The plus 1 strength. Super potent stuff especially if you’re kind of close to getting a higher level to your modifier and then it would definitely be taking a look at this.

When you’re prone to standing up knees is 5 feet, that’s super nice if you’re a character who likes to duck behind objects crawl around anything like that that’s super great instead. If you’re not aware usually it actually takes half of your movement speed to stand up so that 5 feet reduces a quite a bit.

Climbing doesn’t cost you extra movement. It does not necessarily mean you can climb more quickly. Climb speeds are what allow you to climb almost any sheer face. This can be done with claws or any other physical means, magical or otherwise.

Foreigners will be able to climb the steepest peaks, but it is still possible to climb down. It is possible to do this without needing to deal with difficult terrain. So it’s still really good really strong stuff.

Fourth, you can do a high jump or long jump with only five feet of movement instead of ten. With this type of, you can achieve incredible feats in parkour. I get up to places that you ordinarily won’t be able to move in ways you ordinarily wouldn’t be able to jump around essentially.

It’s possible to travel quickly from rooftop to rooftop. Now let’s get to my thoughts on it.


You can make physical training part of your character. They could get up and go for a run before they go to bed or carry around a large backpack containing tons of weight.

When they get this feat they remove those weights and that’s why there’s so much stronger. So you can actually really build a dentist’s there who they are as a character. Who will win the most? Any fighter-based or other class that uses weaponry.

This is because all weapons, with the exception of a few magic ones, are strength or dexterity-based. This allows them to truly benefit from increasing their ability scores.

Secondly they’re the ones that are most likely to be darting around the field. Fighters get knocked prone a lot just because you know they’re the think of it, they had knocked down tons when they were rendered unconscious. So when the healer get some and they’re already problem because you can’t necessarily go unconscious while you’re on your feat he’s not in 5e.

They can quickly get up and back into combat. The climbing doesn’t cost you extra movement that’s really good if you’re a rogue.

If you’re scouting out ahead the road greatly benefits from the ability to jump with only a short take off speed so who gains the most from this? It’s up to the rogues. Yes, fighters may, but that is dependent on their campaign and play style. This class is my favorite.

You may not agree with me but I might be able ot agree with you. If either-or please put it down in the comments and if you have any cool stories, thoughts or builds ideas regarding athlete please put them down there as well i’d really like to them a read and i know everyone reading would as well. We are very grateful for your kind words and wish you all a happy adventure.