Everything about Python Lists | FOSS Linux

Python has many data types like integer, float, string, list, tuple, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn about the list data type. Lists are one of the most used data types of python and can be used for many operations.  To follow this tutorial, it is recommended to have the latest python version installed … Read more

How to install and use Dolphin Emulator on Ubuntu

Dolphin Emulator is an open-source and cross-platform project which is among the popular game emulators for PC. It is highly compatible with various platforms and allows you to play your favorite Gamecube and Wii games on your Linux PC. Dolphin is available for Windows, Linux, macOS, and Android. In this post, we will show you … Read more

How to install Olive Video Editor on Linux

Olive video editor is a free and open-source non-linear video editor available for Linux, Mac, and Windows. It aims to be a powerful and reliable alternative to popular video editing suits such as Apple Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas Pro, and Adobe Premiere Pro. Olive is available on various Linux distributions through many channels, including … Read more

How to create Kali Linux Bootable USB drive

Kali Linux is a Debian based Linux distribution with a focus on advanced penetration testing and security auditing. This operating system comes loaded with hundreds of tools used in Information gathering, Penetration testing, forensics, reverse engineering, security research, and much more. Like most Linux distributions out there, Kali Linux is installable on your PC, or … Read more

Best Ubuntu Flavors You Should Try

“I am because you are,” is the themed meaning behind the famed Ubuntu operating system. Moreover, this mindful phrase is practical because it continues to lure more individuals into the Ubuntu universe. Because great power beckons great responsibility, Ubuntu is stepping up. It realizes that different users will want to use the Ubuntu operating system … Read more

Linux Host File: How to Edit and Use it?

To understand what a Linux host file is, we will need to undertake this tutorial through a visual aid approach. So fire up your Ubuntu terminal but first ensure you are a root user or have root user privileges. ubuntu terminal Having the root user privileges allows you to prefix the commands you type on … Read more

Top 6 Tiny Linux Distributions One Must Try

Linux is a versatile operating system. You can find different distros for different purposes and still be surprised by the functionality the distros have to offer without sacrificing too much. Tiny Linux Distributions are also like that. They are powerful yet compact and lets you run Linux operating systems on slow machines with minimal specs. Even … Read more

The 5 Best Linux Certifications in 2020

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How to be safe online : 8 Tips for Online Safety Used by Security Experts

Living in 2019, it is nearly not suitable to envision a world without the office of the web. Numerous ordinary and least challenging exercises of an individual’s regular daily existence, for example, correspondence and excitement are presently absolutely subordinate significantly on the arrangement of the web. Two or three decades prior, the truth was somewhat … Read more