Battlegrounds Mobile India map download, matchmaking issue: How to fix

Battlegrounds Mobile India currently has an early access beta phase. It will be available soon to all. The problem is affecting beta players and preventing them downloading maps as well from accessing the matchmaker.

Krafton Inc acknowledged the problem via an official posting. It confirmed that the issues are affecting matchmaking as well as downloading maps. The update also indicated that the problem has been resolved. This post outlines the steps players need to take in order to fix the issue and continue playing the game.

You can use the following steps to fix the problems you’re facing.

  • Install the most recent update by opening the app.
  • The game will restart automatically after the update has been installed. If it doesn’t, you can manually start it.
  • Tap on the Up Arrow in the lower right corner.
  • Click on “Settings”.
  • From the Settings panel, click ‘logout’ to your Battlegrounds Mobile India Account.
  • After the game has finished, it will redirect to the login screen. Players need to tap the Repair icon.
  • Tap on Ok to apply patch.
  • Start the app again and log in to your account.

The game is still in beta and there will be bugs that the developers need to address. Krafton did not provide us with a launch date for the game. However, there are reports that the game will be available sooner than expected.