Battlegrounds Mobile India up for pre-registration on Google Play Store: How to pre-register, rewards, and more

Battlegrounds Mobile India, the PUBG Mobile replacement is finally up for pre-registration on Google Play Store. While PUBG Mobile was banned in the country due to data privacy threats, Krafton this time has assured that the information obtained from Battlegrounds Mobile players will be stored on servers in India and Singapore. That said, the developer has revealed a few exciting rewards for those who pre-register the game via the Play Store. Notably, the pre-registration is open only for Android phones as of now. Here’s how you can pre-register the new Battlegrounds Mobile India BR game on your mobile.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: How to pre-register on Google Play Store

To pre-register for the new Krafton-designed Battle Royale game here’s what you need to do.
Step 1- Open the Google Play Store on your Android phone and look for Battlegrounds Mobile India in the search bar.
Step 2- Once you find the game, there will be a pre-register option below it.
Step 3- Tap on the ‘Pre-register’ button.
Step 4- The following ‘notify you’ tile will show two options ‘Install when available’ and ‘OK,’ on pressing the first option the game will be installed automatically, while the latter will require you to download the game manually when it’s available.

That’s it, your pre-registration for the Battlegrounds Mobile India BR game will be done. To note, Krafton has not shared the launch date for the game yet, however, rumours speculate that the new Battle Royale game could hit the servers on June 10.

Battlegrounds Mobile India: Pre-registration rewards

As mentioned earlier, Krafton is giving a few perks for those who pre-register the game on Google Play Store on their Android phone. The developer is providing four rewards that include- the Recon Mask, Recon Outfit, Celebration Expert title, and 300 AG. The PUBG Mobile-creator has cited that the rewards will be limited to one pre-registration per account and that the offer won’t be valid through third-party websites. Krafton noted that the players will get the rewards once the game is installed.

Besides the rewards, the ‘About this game’ page doesn’t spare any specific information on the new BR game. However, a few popular PUBG Mobile players like Ghatak, and GodNixon revealed that the game might feature the functionality of Royale Passes on the day of launch and that players will be able to retain their skins, Unknown Cash (UC), costumes, and inventory that was previously available on PUBG Mobile. While these are just speculations, the new BR game is widely anticipated to bring some differences to the table as compared to the original Battle Royale game. The Battlegrounds Mobile will have India-specific tweaks and in-game activities along with features and amenities.