Black Clover Episode 153 Release Date and More

After we got to see how powerful Yami and his dimension slash is, fans are pretty hyper about the upcoming episodes and what the story will unfold. In this post, we are going to talk about Black Clover Episode 153 Release Date and more. Keep on reading and be sure to check up on Spoilerguy for More such updates.

Black Clover Episode 153
Julius was pretty happy with the outcome of the tournament as all the citizens of Clover Kingdom came to know how powerful the Magic Knights really are. However, after watching Yami’s Dimensional Slash. All the members of the Black Bulls got hyper to train and come up with spells on the same level. Noelle and Asta also train to become better.

Black Clover Episode 153 Release Date
Black Clover Episode 153 will release on November 24th, 2020, which is a Tuesday at 6:25 JST. All the episodes of Black Clover generally come out on Tuesdays if there is no Delay.
Where to Watch Black Clover 
You can watch the anime in English subbed and dubbed version officially on Crunchyroll. Also, they are available in multiple sources too. You can watch Black Clover on Netflix, AnimeLab, AdultSwim too.
About Anime
In a world of mages, where people are born with magic, our protagonist, Asta, is born with none. Plus, now he wishes to be the Magic Emperor of the Clover Kingdom. The path won’t be easy since he is endowed with a strong rival, Yuno, who shares the same ideals. Asta later joins Black Bulls and walks on, becoming the strongest mage of the Clover Kingdom.
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