Blocked on Snapchat? If in doubt, here’s how to know if someone did

One day a person is sending Snaps and a few days later everything could be gone. There might be many instances where you can find your Snapchat friends going missing and it could be a result of blocking. Given the importance of social media, this is as horrid as a real-life breakup.

Top this up with the inability to find if you are indeed blocked and you are all set to have a social media crisis. But, it isn’t the end of the world! If you really need to find out if you are blocked (before moving on), there are a few methods you can try. If this is a sigh of relief for you, continue reading.

How to see if someone blocked you on Snapchat?

Before we tell you about the ways you can take to see if you are blocked by someone on Snapchat, you should that being blocked and removed are two different things. While you might not get notified in both cases, there are ways to see the difference.

If someone has blocked you, their chats might still be there and they might appear in your friend list to create further confusion. If someone removed you as a friend, the chats will be missing and they won’t show up in your friend list.

Check your chat list

If you feel you have been blocked by a friend on Snapchat, the first thing to do is look for chats with him or her. If the chats are deleted, here’s an indication. But, this can also mean that the person probably deleted his or her Snapchat account, maybe to get a perspective.

Message them, maybe!

Since the first step might not necessarily mean blocking, you can simply text the person to find out. If the message fails to reach the receiver, there’s a chance you might be blocked. But, Snapchat usually doesn’t show a sign of this unlike WhatsApp, which hides the DP of the person who might have blocked you and then, there’s just a single tick on the message. If the message has a pending option, the person might have just removed you from the friend list.

Check the Snapchat score

You can also check out a person’s Snapchat score to see if you are on his or her’s block list. If the score shows up, you aren’t blocked and things are probably fine between the two of you. But again, if could also be the case of you being unfriended.

Search for them

This is said to be a good way to find out if someone blocked or removed you from their Snapchat. Just look up a person by either entering their name or Snapchat username in the search bar. If the name shows up, you will know there’s no blocking. In this case, the name will either appear under My Friends or there will be an option to add the person as a friend. This will clear all the confusion.

You can also try looking for their Stories. If it’s a no-show, then you can be blocked. But, this could be also because you might either be removed as a friend or muted.

Ask someone else to search for that person

This is another method you can resort to. Just ask a friend of yours to search for the person you suspect might have blocked you. If another Snapchat account can look for the profile and you can’t, you got the cue.

There isn’t a proper way to find if someone has blocked you on Snapchat but the ones we mentioned can help. If you are curious, try them out and if the answer is positive, don’t bother much and move on!