Top 10 Features of Linux Kernel 5.10

After seven weeks of constant development, Linus Torvalds finally released Linux Kernel 5.10 LTS on 14th December 2020, and it’s now available to the masses. Linus Torvalds announced this fantastic release on the Linux Kernel mailing list, stating: “Ok, here it is – 5.10 is tagged and pushed out. I pretty much always wish that … Read more

Linux awk command with 10 examples

Computer systems have always been used to analyze valuable data stored in simple text files. In turn, computer systems themselves are managed through log files. What is potentially common in these two situations is that they hold a great amount of data, which often needs to be streamlined before actually reading the data; otherwise, it … Read more

How to convert MP4 to MP3 in Linux

MPEG-4 video file format, commonly known as MP4, is one of the most common media formats used for video files. It’s a highly versatile video extension that supports audio, images, and subtitles all together in one file. Once in a while, you might want to convert your MP4 video files to MP3 audio files. MP3, … Read more

How to install Snap on Kali Linux

Previously, we looked at some of the available distribution independent package formats used to install apps on Linux systems. They include Snap, FlatPak, and AppImage. Our post on ‘Snap vs. Flatpak vs. AppImage: Know The Differences, Which is Better’ will give you a detailed guide and the difference between the three. In this post, we will … Read more

Bash Scripting Tutorial for Beginners

If you are getting started with Linux systems, terms like “Shell scripting” or “Bash scripting” can be quite common – But what do they mean? Before we get into details, learning Bash scripting can help you save time in executing and performing various system tasks and understand the Linux command-line (Terminal) better and automate multiple … Read more

Top 5 Linux Tablets That’s Great For Privacy

It’s no secret that Linux-based operating systems have been garnering quite some popularity as of late. Well, why wouldn’t they? There’s a lot of advantages that Linux distros have to bring to the table, the most notable of which is privacy. Thanks to Linux’s way, these operating systems can secure the user data from malware … Read more

Top 10 Unix Based Operating Systems

In the first computing universe, there was only Unix. Unix then thought it was unfair to exist alone and executed its ancestral privileges that led to the creation of other awesome operating systems. We can trace every other operating system that exists back to Unix’s original DNA. The only exceptions here might be the Windows … Read more

How to play Dark Souls III on Linux

Dark Souls III is an RPG (Role Playing Games) video game available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows. First released in Japan in March 2016, Dark Souls III had a considerable market acceptance, and a month later, the game was available worldwide. It is the fourth game in the Soul series and the … Read more

What is RAID in Linux, and How to Configure it

We live in a world of inexpensive data storage. And, that means anyone can use multiple, inexpensive disk drives into arrays to back up their data — hence providing the necessary redundancy they require to keep their data safe. Meet RAID — the process of combining multiple disk drives to create an array of drives. … Read more