Check train PNR status directly from WhatsApp with new service from Railofy

If you travel via trains a lot, checking the PNR status is one of the most crucial ways to stay updated about the train’s status, both before and after boarding the train. Until now, the quickest solution was to head over to IRCTC’s website or a few other sites and put in the PNR number to get the status. This process, however, is dependent on mobile data and at many locations, the network connectivity might not be great. Hence, there’s now a solution available via WhatsApp.

Railofy has launched a new service on WhatsApp that allows customers to check the status of a train by simply sending a message. The new service requires the traveler to send the PNR number from the ticket to +91 98811 93322 on WhatsApp. Once the user sends the PNR number, the service will automatically send all the updates to your number with all details.

Check train PNR status from WhatsApp

The service shows a bunch of information on the train of concern. Before boarding the train, you can see the delay time, your booking status, and seat details. Once you have boarded the train and it has left your station, the service will show the delay status as well as the expected arrival time and next station. The service will keep notifying with regular updates on the status of the train.

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Here are a few easy steps to register for the service once you book a ticket:

1. Save the phone number +91 98811 93322 on your device.
2. Open WhatsApp and search for +91 98811 93322 to message.
3. Once you have opened the chat box, simply send the PNR number.
4. After that, the bot will reply with confirmation of the subscription.
5. You will automatically keep getting updates on your train.

Do note that the service is free of charge and you do not have to book a ticket via Railofy to avail the service. The service will come in handy while traveling, especially when you are passing poor network areas. Moreover, you can stop the service anytime you want by simply sending “STOP”.

“As a train passenger there are so many details one needs to take care of. Passengers have to log onto multiple apps and websites to complete a single journey, unlike a flight experience. We are streamlining this entire experience on a single platform with this new feature. We hope this will add more predictability and convenience to the overall experience of train passengers across India,” says Railofy.