Classic Legends delivers simultaneously 500 Jawa and Yezdi bicycles in one day

Classic Legends delivered 500 new Jawa and Yezdi motorcycles on Saturday. The company planned the mass deliveries on the occasion of Gudi Padwa festival– the Marathi New Year.

Classic Legends made a statement saying that the deliveries happened simultaneously across the brand’s 19 dealership touchpoints across Maharashtra. The company delivered models from both the Jawa and Yezdi line-up of motorcycles.

Ashish Singh Joshi, CEO, Classic Legends, said, “On this auspicious day, we are pleased to add colours to the festivities of motorcycle enthusiasts by handing them the keys to their favourite Jawa & Yezdi models. As we walk towards normalcy after the pandemic, we are enthusiastic about the response that we are receiving and look forward to adding more and more riders to our Kommuniti this year.”

Classic Legends is an Indian company established in 2018, to re-introduce iconic marquee motorcycle brands in the market. Jawa is a motorcycle brand from Czech Republic. It entered the Indian markets in the early 1960’s. Now the brand is under Mahindra & Mahindra.

Classic Legends owns the rights to some of the most popular motorcycle brands India has ever seen such as the Jawa and Yezdi. Classic Legends brought back the Jawa brand in the Indian market in 2018.

The Jawa line-up has three bikes namely: Jawa, Jawa forty two and Perak. All three bikes were revealed at the same even. This year, the company expanded its presence in the market by launching three new Yezdi bikes namely: Adventure, Scrambler and Roadster.

The brand currently has a network of 300+ dealerships across India and plans to take this number even further to reach out to more and more modern classic motorcycle enthusiasts.