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Clubhouse social audio app launched Backchannel, a new direct messages feature on Wednesday. The new Clubhouse Backchannel will allow users one-on-one and group text chats. The feature has an optional second inbox as well for message requests.

The invite-only app made the announcement on its Twitter handle. “After we unintentionally leaked their feature 5 times, here’s our beloved engineering team introducing the new Clubhouse Backchannel 🥰,” the tweet reads.

Clubhouse Backchannel: What is it, how it works

As mentioned, Clubhouse Backchannel is a new direct messaging service on the platform. The feature is available on both iOS and Android. At the moment, users can chat one-on-one, and in groups. They can send links as well. The feature doesn’t have the option of sharing photos and videos yet, but the functionality is expected to come soon along with some other features. There will be an optional secondary inbox too where message requests will live.

With Backchannel, a speaker can ‘chat with your co-hosts, plan what question to ask next, or decide who to pull up from the audience.’ Simply to say speakers can organize in advance or coordinate live through messaging during an active room. A listener will also be able to chat with their other friends in the audience when they are active in a room.

To recall, Clubhouse made an entry in the social media hub last year. While it was an iOS-exclusive app, it gained massive popularity and it led the platform to launch an Android version this May. The company cites that the app has now been downloaded over 8 million times on Android devices with more than 500,000 rooms created daily. While the new direct messaging service is sure to be welcomed by the wide audience, Clubhouse has likely introduced it to take on its rivals Twitter and Facebook that have Twitter Spaces, and Facebook Live Audio Rooms with similar text chat functionality. That said here’s how Clubhouse Backchannel works-

Clubhouse Backchannel: Where to find it, how to send a message

Step 1- Update the Clubhouse app (if you haven’t) from the respective app store.

Step 2- Once done, launch the app, tap on the airplane icon ✈️ that you will find on the bottom right of the app home screen and inside of Rooms

Step 2- From there you will be able to see your messages.

Step 3- You can create new private or group messages by tapping the pen and paper icon in the top right corner.

At the moment, Backchannel feature doesn’t offer the option to delete chats, however, Clubhouse notes that it will enable the option in the future.