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Google Docs’ latest update has added a new template that can be used to draft email messages. This feature in Google Docs will make it easier for users to collaborate on email drafts. This feature allows users create emails from a Google Doc template and then export to Gmail.

The tech company created it as part Smart Canvas, which introduced the @menu function to Google Docs. This feature allows users to insert data directly from Google Services, as well as other details. Google Docs users have now the ability to collaborate while they are writing emails. You can access the email draft template by typing “@email” in a Google Doc. This will open a template that includes Subject, To, Cc, and Bcccc. After the email is sent, click on the Gmail icon. How do I start?

Google Docs Collaboration and Sending an email

Visit Insert > Building Blocks to insert an email template.

– Collaborate with team members to send email via from any internet browser

To open a new or existing file, click the “+” symbol.

Next, type “@email” into a Google Doc

When you are ready to send an e-mail, click the Gmail icon. The Gmail compose window will open. Gmail will fill in all fields automatically with your Doc email draft information.

G Suite Basic customers as well as business customers have access to the email template for drafts from Google Docs.