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Conjure Elemental Dnd5e spell lets you summon an elemental servant. You will need to choose an area that is water, fire or earth. For any area you choose, an elemental with a challenge score of 5 or less is suitable. It must be located within 10 feet of any unoccupied space. An earth elemental, on the other hand, might rise from the ground while a bonfire elemental could emerge. In reality, the elemental vanishes once it has dropped below 0 hit point or when the spell is over.

Normaly, the elemental is friendly during a time period to you and your friends. The elemental is the one who takes initiative and decides when it has its turn. It will obey all commands you give it verbally.

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Suppose, if your concentration has been broken and also the elemental doesn’t disappear. Instead, the elemental turns hostile to you, your friends, and can even attack. Uncontrolled elements are difficult to control and can disappear in a matter of hours after being summoned. Most probably, the DM has the elemental’s statistics.

At higher levels:

This Conjure Elemental 5E spell can be cast by using the spell slots at 6th and higher levels. For every slot higher than 5, the challenge rating will go up by 1.

Attributes Of Conjure Elemental 5E Spell

Casting time1 minute
ClassesDruid, Wizard
ComponentsV S M
DurabilityMaximum of 1 hour
Higher Spell slot DescThis spell can be cast with a spell slot of 6th or higher. Each slot level higher than 5 will see your Challenge rating increase by 1.
MaterialYou can use incense, clay and phosphorus to make air, light, earth and sulfur.
NameConjure Elemental
The Range90 feet
TargetA 10-foot cube is within reach

How does Conjure Elemental Work 5E work?

This spell allows a caster to summon any elemental (AC-2 and HD 16, Damage 3d8). The complete description of each elemental can be found in chapter 14. A caster can only summon one kind of elemental per day (earth, air and fire, water).

  • Range: 240′
  • Duration:Concentration
  • Effect:Summon one 16 HD elemental

Any task that the elemental is capable of performing, including carrying, attacking or attacking, can be performed by the caster as long as he concentrates. However, the caster can’t be fighting, cast other spells, or to move over the half normal speed, else he shall lose the control of an elemental. He cannot regain control if he loses it. Most likely, the summoner is going to attempt to kill an uncontrolled elemental. If it does, it can attack anyone that is in its path.

Is it possible to dispel conjure elemental? Mainly, the spell’s caster might returns a controlled elemental to its home plane just by concentration. Dispel spells and dispel evil spells can allow uncontrolled elements to return to their homeplans.

Sample Elementals

CRName of a Creature
1/4Steam Mephit
1/2Dust Mephite, Ice Mephite, Magma Mephite, Magmin
2Azer, Gargoyle
5Air Elemental, Earth Elemental, Fire Elemental, Salamander, Water Elemental, Xorn
6Invisible Stalker

Take a bow.

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