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India is preparing to launch a booster drive as COVID cases rise due to the spread of Omicron, a highly transmissive variant. According to reports, studies have shown that India may be able to counter this new variant by giving booster shots for people over 60, as well as health care workers and frontline workers.

The dose is available to anyone who meets the eligibility criteria. They don’t need registration, and they can just walk in. To avoid any hassle it’s recommended that you register at the Cowin portal. This is a quick guide to help you get the slot, eligibility and all other information.

Register for a precaution dose at Cowin portal

Step 1. Open and navigate to Cowin Tab. Click on the Vaccination option.

Step 2: Next, enter your registered mobile number (the same one you used to get the vaccine shots). On the homepage screen will appear an OTP. Enter the numbers to log in.

Step 3: After logging in, you will be able to see if your eligibility for the Precaution Dose Module in the Appointments Module.

Step 4: Click on the “Precaution Dosage” tab, then select an appointment that is based on where you are located and click on Book appointment. You can then download details directly from the app once it is confirmed.


Cowin states that a registered Health Care Worker, Front Line Worker or citizen over 60 will be eligible to receive the Precaution/Booster dosage. The new dose will only be available to those who received the second shot 9 months ago or 39 weeks ago. According to reports, the Covid-19 vaccine was administered to 90 percent of eligible citizens.

Required documents

Cowin suggests that you bring a photo ID and registering mobile number to avoid any hassles at your appointment. You cannot cancel a booked session, but the website offers the possibility to change it.

Notice: Senior citizens with co-morbidities need to be aware that they should only take precaution/booster dosages after consulting a doctor.