COVID-19 vaccination: How to track vaccination centres, identity proof, and more

Covid cases have yet again surged in India, with the second-wave reaching its peak in Maharashtra. The national capital witnessed the highest single-day surge with over 17,000 cases reported on April 14. While the authorities are taking strict measures to ‘break the chain’ of infection, the shortage of vaccine stock has become a matter of concern in several states. Notably, anyone above the age of 45 can get vaccinated in the COVID-19 vaccination centres. Beneficiaries can opt for the walk-in facility or register online for vaccination. But with lockdown likely to be imposed in affected states, it will be difficult for people to make long-distance travel for vaccination. But courtesy of the technology at your disposal, you can easily search for nearby vaccination centres on your device. In this article, we will mention a simple guide to track these centres and the documents required to get vaccinated at the hospitals.

How to track COVID-19 vaccination centres nearby via Google Maps, Search, MyMapsIndia
Before you get started, turn on location access on your device to get accurate results. That said, here’s the simple step-by-step process

Google Maps

In case you want to search for vaccination centres in Google Maps, open the app on your mobile or on web browser.

  • Type COVID-19 vaccination centre in the search bar (you will find at the bottom of the screen on Google Maps mobile map) and tap on the search icon
  • Once tapped, results will appear showing COVID-19 vaccine centres nearby your home.
  • Selecting a specific centre or hospital will show if an appointment is required, or the hospital is limited to certain patients. Moreover, the search query also notes to check with the centre or register in advance and to keep government IDs ready for registration.

Google Search or Google app

  • Open Google Search on desktop or Google app on your mobile phone.
  • Enter COVID-19 vaccination centre in the search field and tap the search button.
  • You can also tap on the More button to check the entire list of vaccination centres in your location.


  • The domestic MapMyIndia site or MapMyIndiaMove app also offers the option to search for nearby vaccination centres. The map is also integrated on the CoWin portal.
  • To search for centres in the app, just launch the app on your mobile.
  • Type COVID vaccination centre near me in the ‘Search’ bar at the top and a list of centres nearby your location will appear on the screen.

Documents/identity proof required for vaccination in the hospital

Beneficiaries can directly head to hospitals to get vaccinated, although it is advised to register online to avoid the hassle. The documents or identity proof required to carry to the hospital include- voter ID card, PAN card, Aadhaar card, driving license, passport, passbook issued by a bank or the post office, service identity card issued to government employees, MNREGA job card, etc. People can carry any of these documents to the vaccination site.