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Have you got any ideas for custom backgrounds in dnd 5e? in any case mostly the background stuff is irrelevant from the rules perspective (anyways the suggested characteristics such as flaws, bonds and stuff like this don’t affect game mechanics). However, the game’s beginning will be affected by the background features, your proficiencies, languages, and the skills you acquire. In any case let’s move on to the d&d 5e how to make a custom background from the below lines now. Apart from our today’s article we would like to recommend you to visit our main page for all the backgrounds if you haven’t checked them out yet!

It is possible to modify some background features to better suit your character or campaign setting. As per the dnd5e customized background rules in order to customize a background,  you can easily replace one feature with any other one, choose any two skills, and choose a total of two tool proficiencies or languages from your sample backgrounds. But you can spend money on the gear or your equipment package from the background. If you spend coin, you cannot also take the equipment package suggested for your class. Anyways! Choose two personality traits. One ideal, one bond, and one fault. Sometimes, if you can not find a feature which perfectly matches your wishing background, so work with your DM to create one.

D&D 5E How to Make a Custom Background

If you’d like to create a custom background 5e, which may not be available in the book, or if you want to modify some aspects of your background. Here are some ideas.

  • It must have two skill proficiencies.
  • Anyways, the feature must be rpg based, you must use your best judgement in balancing it’s power.
  • Compare a feature proposed with other features to see if it is balanced.
  • A custom background should have the same features as an official background. This includes personality traits, ideals and bonds; 2 skill proficiency; 2 language or tool proficiency; some equipment; and a background feature.

But you might only choose the tool proficiencies from the  dnd backgrounds 5e. You can choose two of the sample backgrounds as your tool proficiency or language.

  1. Artisan’s Tools
  2. Disguise Kit
  3. Forgery kit
  4. Gaming Set
  5. Herbalism Kit
  6. Musical Instrument
  7. Navigator’s Tools
  8. Thieves’ Tools
  9. Vehicles (Land).
  10. Vehicles (Water).

However, you could use any language/skill and create any feature that you desire as long as you have permission from your DM.

Custom Background Ideas/Format

1) Background name:

2) Flavour text It should include a brief paragraph explaining your background and what you do. It should also give a reason why the character is an adventurer.

3) Skill proficiency: Two must be chosen that are compatible with the background.

4) Tool proficiencies: If you have only one or two tools that you need, use them.

5) Languages:One or two, if none. However, bonus languages are not granted by most backgrounds.

6) Equipment: The equipments that you can select in d&d such as; a few trinkets and accessories, nothing of major value – for example, clothing, tools, a few gold coins. You can make an exception for something of greater value if you feel the need.

7) Specialty: Some of the 5e backgrounds encompass a wide variety of archetypes – for an instance, there are many kinds of criminal or artisan. These are the most popular options.

8) Feature:More of a roleplaying bonus that a mechanical benefit. If you’re one of the members of an organization (such as a guild), they might provide lodging or support to you when accused of a crime. You might get a connection or network of contacts as the benefit. You might earn some money by doing this. It might be. specialized Knowledge or skillAccess, or the means of accessing it Expert knowledge and skills. Whatever the feature is, it should be something that provides opportunities for roleplay and quest hooks, and serves to diversify the character’s background and relationships.

9) Suggestions for characteristicsA few lines about how your background influences your mannerisms, public perception, and other aspects. Don’t bother with the Personality Trait, Ideal, Bond, and Flaw tables if you don’t want to, since the official backgrounds tend to recycle points anyway.

10) Variants: some backgrounds may have major variants that require more than a nod to specializations – for example, poets, musicians, and jugglers have more in common with each other than they do with a gladiator, but all are entertainers.