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From this text i’m going to elucidate about one of many comparatively attention-grabbing d&d 5e backgrounds. Not likely a lot by way of mechanics however by way of now lots of people are going to find out about it, we’re going to be going over the shipwright dnd. Which is discovered within the ghost of salt marsh journey module. It’s an okay journey module by the way in which prefer it’s written very well and that i prefer it for essentially the most half. Al although it didn’t actually promote that nicely and never lots of people i do know are like tremendous overvalued about it. It’s actually attention-grabbing i don’t know when you have it and have ran it let me know what the outcomes have been, i’ve solely learn by way of it like one and half instances i suppose. However i haven’t truly had an opportunity to run it but not lots of people are actually attention-grabbing from the participant aspect both which is absolutely bizarre. As a result of often should you go browsing you’re like hey i’m gonna run a dnd recreation who’s successful they’re like yeah it’ll be ghosts of salt marsh out of the blue the DMs dry up. However i’m like oh that’s form of bizarre. In any case, that’s what we’re speaking about as we speak, should you haven’t checkout our all 5e backgrounds desk or if you need to then greatest approach to examine all of them is click on on the hyperlink we offered.


You’ve already been sailed into the conflict upon the decks of nice ships, patching their hulls with the soup bowls and in addition the prayers. Nevertheless, you as soon as have helped to construct a fishing vessel  which single-handedly saved a city from the hunger. Anyway you’ve already seen the majestic prow inside your goals that you simply haven’t been able to replicate within the wooden. Since your childhood, you’ve liked the water and in addition been captivated by the various various kinds of vessels that journey on it.

  • Talent Proficiencies: Historical past, Notion
  • Device Proficiencies: Carpenter’s instruments, automobiles (water)
  • Tools: A set of well-loved carpenter’s instruments, a clean e-book, 1 ounce of ink, and ink pen, a set of traveler’s garments, and a leather-based pouch with 10 gp

Characteristic: I’LL PATCH IT!

The shipwright background 5e characteristic I’LL PATCH IT shall be offered you’ve carpenter’s instruments and in addition the wooden, in fact you’ll be able to carry out defferent sorts of repairs on the water car. So, everytime you use this capacity, you’ll be able to resotre various hit factors (hp) for the hull of a water car which is the same as 5 + your proficiency modifier. Anyhow, a car can’t be patched by you on this manner once more till after it has been pulled ashore and even absolutely repaired too.


As a d&d shipwright background your life is at all times within the sea, so your life at there and in port has formed you; it’s also possible to roll on the beneath talked about desk in an effort to decide its influence or else choose and ingredient which most closely fits your character. You possibly can examine the beneath desk for extra particulars.

d6Sea’s Affect
1Grand Designs: You might be engaged on plans and schematics for a brand new, very quick ship. It’s essential to study as many alternative sorts of vessels as potential to assist make sure the success of your design.
2Stable and Sound: You patched up a conflict gallery and prevented it from sinking. The native navy regards you as a buddy.
3Favored: You insisted on thicker planking for a service provider vessel’s hull, which saved it from sinking when it smashed in opposition to a reef. You might have a standing invitation to go to the service provider’s distant mansion.
4Grasp of Armaments: You specialised in designing and mounting defenses for the navy. You simply acknowledge and decide the standard of such objects.
5Low Locations: You might have contacts within the smuggling outfits alongside the coast, you sometimes repear the criminals’ ships in trade for coin and favors.
6Mysteries of the Deep: You skilled as encounter with probably divine being whereas crusing alone. Work along with your DM to find out the key in regards to the deep waters of the ocean that this entity revealed to you.

Instructed Traits

Right here the Shipwrights are the extra highly effective resourceful carpenters and in addition designers. They’re steadily have a devoted spot at their native tavern, because the shipwrights are in-valuable to the coastal communities. A few of them are journey with the navel fleets and naturally they could function the officers when if their temperament fits it. Anyway the Shipwrights have an affinity in an effort to working with their fingers and completely carry out feats of carpentry which others would possibly deem miraculous.

Persona Trait

d8Persona Trait
1I really like speaking and being heard greater than I prefer to hear.
2I’m extraordinarily keen on puzzles.
3I thrive below strain.
4I really like sketching and designing objects, particularly boats.
5I’m not afraid of exhausting work-in reality, I desire it.
6A pipe, an ale, and the scent of the ocean; paradise.
7I’ve an limitless provide of cautionary tales associated to the ocean.
8I don’t thoughts getting my fingers soiled.


1Crew: If everybody on deck pitches in, we’ll by no means sink. (Good)
2Cautious Traces: A ship have to be balanced in response to the legal guidelines of the universe. (Lawful)
3Invention: Make what you want out of no matter is at hand. (Chaotic)
4Perfection: To measure a being and discover it missing is the best disappointment. (Evil)
5Reflection: Muddled water at all times clears in time. (Any)
6Hope: The horizon at sea holds the best promise.


1I need to go to all of the oceans of the world and behold the outlets that sail there.
2A lot of the treasure I declare shall be used to counterpoint my group.
3I need to discover a form of wooden rumored to own magical qualities.
4I restore damaged issues to redeem what’s damaged in myself.
5I’ll craft a ship able to crusing by way of essentially the most harmful of storms.
6A kraken destroyed my masterpiece; its enamel shall adorn my fireside.


1I don’t know when to toss something away. You by no means know when it is likely to be helpful once more.
2I get annoyed to the purpose of distraction by shoddy craftsmanship.
3Although I’m a wonderful crafter, my work tends to look as if it belongs on a ship.
4I’m so obsessive about sketching my concepts for elaborate innovations that I somtimes neglect little issues like consuming and sleeping.
5I’m judgemental of those that will not be expert with instruments of some sort.
6I generally take issues that don’t belong to me, particularly if they’re very nicely made.