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From this article we are going to explain about simic scientist background in d&d 5e which is found in the guild masters guide to ravnica. This background is more than enough to replace the sage. It ultimately comes down to the DM’s and each player’s input on whether they want to follow it. But it’s pretty much better as far as most people seem to think self included. By the way in any case, if you haven’t checked out our other backgrounds yet then you can proceed with this page. Let’s move on by first checking out its description.


You can create a perfect world by using this background. Of course, probably that’s the world that you were trying to grow it in the laboratories of the Simic Combine since. However the  nature is almost all about the aspects such as adaptation, evolution, and balance –  but for the sake of it in order to keep it up with a pace of advancing civilization and the nature always needs some help from the biomancers and also the terraformers. Imagine that you will be creating the super-soldiers or mutant monsters if you are lucky. bolster the combine’s defenses that is against to the schemes and also to the ambitions of the other guilds, so much the better.

Mechanics Of D&d Scientist Background
  • Skill Proficiencies Arcana, Medicine
  • Languages: Two of your choice
  • Equipment: A Simic insignia, set of commoner’s clothes, a Book of research notes,n ink pen, a Bottle of squid oilFlask of oil (made from blubber), a Acid vial (derived from digestive juices), a vial of fish scales, a vial of seaweed, a vial of jellyfish stingers, a Glass bottle of unidentified slime, and a pouch containing 10gp (Azorius 1-zino coins)


Clades and Projects

Being a Simic researcher, you are one of the parts of a clade – of course a deserve group of individuals are combining disparate talents in the pursuit of a common goal – or else a researcher on a specialized, short-term project focused on the addressing an immediate need. You can roll a d6 to choose from the Research Options table or use the above options to define your research area.

1Hull Clade is focused on durability and protection
2Fin Clade, focusing on movement
3Gyre Clade is a group that focuses on metamagic and cyclical patterns.
4Guardian Project is a project that creates super soldiers and guard monsters.
5Crypsis Project, focusing on intelligence/counterintelligence
6Independent research in a brand new area


When you attempt to remember or learn the magical or other scientific facts, it is possible that you don’t know the source. This specific information will usually come from a Simic laboratory or sometimes from an Izzet facility. It does not mean that you can find the information. To get the people to divulge their secrets, you may have to pay favors, bribes, or any other incentive.

Your DM might decide that the knowledge that you are seeking is either hidden in an inaccessible location or simply cannot be found. It can take an adventure, or even a whole campaign to uncover the deepest secrets and multiverse.

Simic Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting and Pact Magic classes feature

The spells on the Simic Guild Spells Table are added to your spell list for spellcasting classes. (All spells added to multiple spell lists are included if you are a multiclass character.

Spell Level Spell
CantripAcid Splash, Druidcraft
1stJump to Detect Poison and Disease.
2ndAlter Self, Enhance Ability and Enlarge/Reduce
3rdGaseous Form, Water Breathing and Wind Wall
4thFreedom of Movement and Polymorph

Your magic can cause physical changes in yourself or others. Usually, the end result displays the characteristics of fish, amphibians or other water-dwelling animals. Your spellcasting will sometimes be supported by the blue-green magical energy eddies.

Suggested Characteristics

Simic Combine’s bizarre science will attract a certain type of personality. It also encompasses a collection of beliefs about the nature of life. However, the Simic members’ bonds and flaws are derived from their scientific research – includes their creation of new life forms, which is they can become very attached to.

Personality trait

d8Personality Trait
1I cannot wait to see where I go next!
2All things are on the way to constant improvement, according to me.
3Anyone who is interested in my most complex theories and experiments will be able to find out every little detail.
4It is my belief that everyone needs basic concepts to be understood.
5Everything that happens is described as if it were in my research notes.
6I am always fascinated by the seemingly endless adaptations and forms of life.
7I will not resist exploring any forbidden territory, as it must be very interesting.
8To avoid confusion and imprecision, I use a technical vocabulary.


1Guild: My guild really is everything. (Any)
2Change: We are meant to move toward perfection. Our task is to help it happen – regardless of what may be required. (Chaotic)
3Knowledge: What you do with your knowledge is more important that what you understand about the world. (Neutral)
4Greater Good: I wish to transform the world into higher forms life, so that everyone can experience evolution. (Good)
5Logic: It is dangerous to let emotions or principles override logic’s conclusions. (Lawful)
6Superiority: My immense intellect and strength is directed towards increasing my power over others. (Evil)


1I helped create a krasis that I love like a pet and would carry with me everywhere … except it’s the size of a building, and it might eat me.
2I found something in my laboratory that I believe could reduce Ravnica’s life expectancy by half.
3My family is the other researcher in my clade – they are a large, eccentric family that includes members of many species.
4Everything I treasure is kept in the laboratory where my research was conducted.
5I will exact revenge on the foolish fool who murdered my precious Krasis creation.
6Every thing I do is to please someone I love.


1I have a very embarrassing mutation and I try to hide it.
2I am more interested in learning about monstrous anatomy and not fighting monsters.
3I ask rude questions in every social situation.
4I am incredibly confident in my ability adapt to any situation and to handle any danger.
5I will take any chance to be acknowledged for my scientific brilliance.
6I tend to take shortcuts in my research, and other tasks that I must complete.


According to the contacts, the fluid nature of clades means that those who rosters cover the different laboratories and also the change like researchers discover new interests and make many connections among the Simic. The guild members are protected from outsiders by living in the zonots, which are watery sinkholes. However, Simic members are often ex-members of other guilds.

Roll twice on the Simic Contacts table below (for an ally or a rival), and once on the Non Simic Contacts tables.

Simic Contacts
d8Get in touch
1My research expands on the work of my parents, but takes it to new and interesting places.
2I can always count on my mentor for clarity and guidance when faced with a serious problem.
3Former laboratory colleague worked on the Guardian Project.
4One of my former colleagues has gone into research fields that could be considered immoral or almost illegal.
5An ex-lover is now the supervisor for a prominent clan.
6My sibling is almost an unrecognizable mutant.
7An old friend is now living a quiet, ascetic life of deep meditation and contemplating philosophical principles.
8My former clade supervisor is currently conducting field research to study some of the most formidable beasts and monsters in Ravnica.
Non-Simic Contacts
1My older sibling is mad that I didn’t follow them into Azorius.
2Boros sergeant always asks questions about my work. But I suspect they are genuinely curious.
3My friend thinks that I don’t know Dimir agents.
4I helped a Golgari Spore Druid to fertilize and grow their fungus field.
5It’s hard to imagine what could have compelled my childhood friend to join the Gruul.
6I enjoy comparing notes with my friend from the Izzet even though our research fields are quite different.
7To finance my research, I borrowed large amounts of money from an Orzhov syndicat.
8My research has been viewed by a Rakdos ringmaster, which might be a good sideshow act.
9When I joined Simic, I left behind the Selesnya, and a love interest.
10Roll an additional Simic Contact; you can decide if they are an ally or rival.