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Many homebrew backgrounds are included in the 5th edition. This article will cover unknown background 5e. Because you have been through some of the traumas inflicted by the amnesia, your true background is not known.  Let me tell a story about the past. You’ve woke up one day, but you did not know who you’re or how you’ve got there. Your family and your origin are not clear. However you’re not sure if you have the allies or the enemies from your past days. Even if your skills are beyond the training details for your class, it can still be difficult to recall them.

Many questions are posed by homebrew novice 5e. Do you recall your class skills from the past? Or were they taught to me in trauma? Do flashbacks or dreams point to trauma?

Languages and Proficiencies Special. When you try to master a skill, roll a 20. You will have recalled one of your pre-trauma talents. This will result in proficiency. You will need to rest until you are able to pass the proficiency test again. This check cannot be passed if you recall five of the pre-trauma abilities.

Equipment:You don’t need anything else but the clothes on you back.


Whenever you’ve woken up like an amnesiac, you’ve discovered one different thing about yourself which could provide a clue about to what actually happened to you. To get this, roll a 6.

D6ClueHere are some examples
1A tattooA tattoo you have on your arm shows a part of a building or gnostic symbol.
2Unusual wound“Running scar” refers to the long scar that has appeared on your forehead or head since you received it.
3There’s something you don’t knowYou had a key sewn under your belly.
4Personalized jewelryYou were given a locket in your hand that contains a portrait, one of which is a young man or woman.
5A punishmentYour little finger was severed and is now missing.
6You were uniquely discoveredA trunk washed up on the shore when you woke you up.

Feature: Gradual recall

When you meet a new NPC or visit a new place, you can assess if they are familiar to your character. You are aware that people you meet and the places you visit have an impact on your life. This is why you have amnesia. Of course this won’t be divulge more information, but it will provide some clue about further moves. You will need to collaborate closely with your Dungeon Master (DM) to be able to include this element in your background. The DM must also give all information to the middle tier.  Here are the character levels of each level.

  • Level 1–4:
  • The NPC incidentally recognizes you but doesn’t know you. The NPC will remember you performing an act, such as speaking to a mysterious figure and hearing a few sentences, purchasing an item in a shop or engaging in fight.
  • One time you might visit a place, or several times while on your journey to another.
  • Level 5–8:
  • Only by using an, the NPC is able to identify you at its core. nom de guerreYou tell us a little about your life and how it has been. However, they are not prepared to reveal any more details. If forced to speak, they give only one clue before circumstances end the interrogation (he simply escapes, or he’s in a position of power, or a vicious storm rocks the boat…)
  • These places might be in the dungeons and taverns that you have been to.
  • Level 9–12:
  • Your true identity was known to the NPC because they were directly involved in your trauma. Before they can fully understand you, they must first resolve the conflict. This could be a combat encounter or fulfilling a request.
  • It could be your family home, your office, or your secret hideout. You may have to go undercover to find out who you are.

It is possible that this feature could lead you to be involved with other characters such as nobility, evil armies, societies, or hidden temples. But it is unlikely. However once you’ve the total recall about the life of your personal way and also your trauma, of course one of these story elements could be used for creating the new background feature to replace its Gradual Recall.

Suggested Characteristics

As per this dnd 5e unknown homebrew background whatever your personality may be, but you’re compelled to find out more about the past life of you.

Personality traits
D8Personality trait
1Sometimes, I have a childlike innocence when trying to recall my past.
2I take a lot of notes while I sleep, and use them to recall the day’s events the next morning.
3My nightmares are often confusing and cause me anxiety every day.
4I am a loner and don’t like being around the riff-raff. However, I do know I am of noble blood.
5I am obsessive about keeping my belongings close to me.
6If I can’t recall recent events, it is an indication of anxiety and disorientation.
7I find myself often staring at mirrors for long periods, wondering who I really was.
8Sometimes, I feel overwhelmed by fluctuating bouts of depressing or euphoric emotions.
1Truth. I want to know what’s real – not just about my past, but the world and people around me. (Any)
2Revenge. I am unable to touch my demons of the past so I feel obliged to vent my frustration on anyone who does the slightest thing against my. (Evil)
3Heart. My first action, even though I was a complete stranger when I woke up, was to rescue an animal in need. Even if our kindnesses are hidden, we all have to be kind. (Good)
4Pretense. It is a lie that you can claim personal identity. Any personae can be taken on by us. (Chaotic)
5Destiny. I was given purpose. It is my acceptance. (Lawful)
6Enlightenment. I’m glad I can’t remember my past. This allows me be more focused on the future. (Any)
1I owe the family who took me in, cared for me and helped me to recover.
2Someone stole my life. They will be found, and they will suffer.
3I remember living in luxury – I must have a personal fortune or estate somewhere, and I’m going to find it!
4All I remember is that I was searching for someone I loved, someone who was at-risk.
5One child is the only one I can recall, and it was very important to me. But I don’t know who or why they exist.
6I shared my experience with another person about a time of great dark that had preceded my trauma. They are my only hope.

1Sometimes, I experience short-term memory impairment. I forget why I was there or what I was discussing.
2I’m overly suspicious of strangers – for all I know I might not a be a stranger to them, and why would they keep quiet about that?
3I don’t like secrets and will not trust them. All information should become public.
4Every thing is always my fault!
5I’m a geek and will do anything to gain knowledge.
6Everyone is talking about me behind my back, I believe.