Deactivate JioTune: How to deactivate caller tune from your Jio number

Jio provides its subscribers to set free caller tune on the prepaid or postpaid number via its JioTunes caller tunes service. While a caller tune of your choice comes in as a rescue to ward off from that traditional ringtone, disruption in the network at times tends to give a rather robotic sound effect thereby spoiling the recipient’s mood. Setting a caller tune can be easy, but it gets annoying if the robotic tune plays over and over again. Don’t worry, there is a simple workaround that you can try to set back the caller tune to the dull ring-ring sound. If you are in a dilemma of whether to opt out the caller or not, this simple step-by-step process to deactivate JioTunes on your number might help you.

How to deactivate Jio caller tune by SMS

To remove Jio caller tune from your number you can send an SMS by typing Stop to 56789 and select the option to deactivate your JioTune subscription.

– Once deactivated, you will get a confirmation text on your Jio number.

How to deactivate Jio caller tune via MyJio app

– Launch the Jio app on your device.

– Head to the menu and you will find ‘JioTunes’ right above JioFiber option.

– Tap the option and it will lead you to the ‘My Subscription’ page.

– You will find ‘Deactivate JioTune’ at the bottom of the screen, tap the button and it will ask whether you want to deactivate the JioTune or not.

– Select ‘Yes’ and you will then receive a confirmation pop-up once your request is accepted.

How to deactivate Jio caller tune by IVR

– To remove the Jio caller tune by IVR just dial 155223 from your Jio number and follow the IVR to deactivate the JioTunes services.

– Once the JioTunes subscription gets deactivated, you will receive a confirmation SMS on your Jio number.