Deep Nostalgia brings old photos to life: Here’s how to use this AI tool

Every day another trend becomes viral via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Deep Nostalgia is the AI tool that we’re referring to today. A new AI-powered MyHeritage technique adds facial animations to old photos and makes them live.

This tool can add animations like smiles and nods to portrait photos. Deep Nostalgia can be used as a portal or as a mobile app. To use it you can either download the MyHeritage – Family tree, DNA & ancestry search app or head over to the website. You can find the application in both Google Play and Apple App stores.

Deep Nostalgia: How to make your photos more animated

STEP 1. Download the app on your phone or go to the official site.

STEP 2. Register with the required information, including your name, email ID and password.

Step 3: Upload your photos and/or friends’ old pictures that you wish to transform into animations. Select the Go option.

STEP4: It takes time for still images to be animated by the portal/app.

STEP5: After the animated photo has been created, you can share it on WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook.

MyHeritage warns against creating fake videos using Deep Nostalgia while people are creating animated images on social media.

The platform currently can only animate one face from a photograph. Deep Nostalgia allows users to cut out faces from group photos and then animate them using Deep Nostalgia.

Deep Nostalgia users have the choice to register for a free account. The free account only allows you to view a limited number of animated videos. There are many other animation choices once you have signed up for a subscription.