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In light of the increasing COVID-19 case numbers in India, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal declared a lockdown or curfew for six days in Delhi on Monday. This lockdown will start at 19:00 and last until the morning of April 26th.

People who are getting ready to get married this year will find it a headache when COVID-19 is locked down. Delhi has set a 50-guest limit for weddings. The official Delhi government website will require all guests to obtain e-pass. This is how you can apply online for an e-pass during Delhi lockdown. It has been instituted due to increasing COVID-19 case numbers.

How to get e-pass in Delhi lockdown

-Users can simply start by applying for the night curfew e-pass by logging on to: or website

-On your homepage, you’ll see the “Click here to apply for ePass Night Curfew between 10:00 PM and 05:00AM” option. It is easy to click on.

-You will be then redirected to

The website will select the language you prefer from Hindi or English.

You will need to enter details like contact number, name, district, address, engagement type, date range, etc.

The website will ask you to provide ID proof. You can also check the acknowledgment box before clicking Submit.

You can find the epass reference number on Delhi’s government website. It is important to keep it close at hand as this will allow you to check the status of your e-pass very quickly.

Let’s now see how to verify e-pass status.

Delhi curfew: What is the best way to verify your e-pass status

-Log on to or

-Click on the “Click here to Apply For ePass Night Curfew between 10:00 PM and 05:00AM” button. It will then be redirected to website

Next, choose your preferred language from English or Hindi

Click on “Check Status” to check your status

Enter your ePass ID, and then click submit. There you will see your e-pass status.