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India’s COVID-19 case numbers are increasing rapidly. Many states, including Delhi, have made a decision to enforce a night curfew. Except for services and essential activities, the night curfew will apply in Delhi from 10 pm to 5 am until April 30, 2021. Some people are exempt from these restrictions but all other travelers will require an epass in order to travel during curfew hours.

Doctors and nurses, as well as officials involved in the operation of diplomatic offices, will all be permitted to travel with a valid I card. Patients and pregnant women will also be permitted to travel. If they have a valid ticket, people who travel to or from ISBTs and railway stations will also be permitted to travel.

Delhi Night Curfew: Who’ll need an e-pass to get home at night?

With a valid electronic pass, those who deal with food, grocery, milk products and other essentials can travel to Delhi during the night. You can access the complete list here.

The Delhi government website states that an E-Pass has been issued to those engaged in essential services but who do not possess a government ID. You do not need to apply for the e-Pass if your travels are only day-to-day.

Importantly, COVID-19-vaccinated individuals will need an electronic pass to be able to travel after the Delhi midnight curfew.

Delhi Night Curfew: How do I get an e-pass?

* Those eligible can apply for Delhi night curfew e-pass on the ‘’ link.

You will be asked to select your preferred language, English or Hindi, to continue.

* Select ‘ePass for travel during night curfew (10PM-5AM)’ from the drop-down menu.

Please fill out the following information: Name, Contact Number, Address of Office, Type of Service, Duration, etc.

* An ID proof will be required along with other documents such as a shop licence or business card.

* Click on the “Submit” button to confirm your acceptance.

* Once you are done, you will receive the epass reference number. This is how you can verify that you received the epass.

Check your ePass status

* Open the ‘’ link.

Select your language, English or Hindi to continue.

* A banner should appear that says, “If your ePass application has been submitted, please click here to check status.”

* Select “Check Status”

To check your status, you’ll need the 7-character ePass ID that was sent.