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We will be discussing another famous dnd magick in this article. Today, we’ll look at one of the most recognizable dnd magicks. first level spellsNamed dnd 5e detect magic spell This spell is a great choice for party members who are hungry for loot. This spell can be used by almost every class of caster. Bard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, WizardThe ArtificerIt can be found in the Guide for reliable, good players. Let’s take a quick look at some mechanics here. Don’t miss to check out our other spells too just click hereAll of them can be viewed here


  • Level: 1st
  • Casting time1 Action (Ritual).
  • Range/Area:Self (30 ft.
  • Components:V, S
  • Duration:Concentration: 10 Min
  • School:Divination
  • Attack/Save:None
  • Damage/Effect: Detection

Cast time is for one action. Ritual casting is possible for an additional 10 minutes. The spell extends to 30 feet all around. The spell lasts for ten minutes. So if you are hit at any point and you need to make a constitution saving throw, you also can’t have more than one concentrations fall at the same time. One hand must be used to gesture, the other must be used to speak and incant the school.

Here’s the result in a glance

It is simple to feel the magic. Within There is a range. However, you can still detect the auras of magic surrounding objects and visible creatures. But you can also learn about the school of magic.

Now let’s take a look at the full description.


It is possible to feel magic for a certain time Within 30 Feet. If you sense magic in this way, then your actions will allow you to detect the faint aura around any creature or object in an area that has magic. If applicable, you can also learn the school of magic.

Normaly, the dnd magical power can penetrate all barriers. It is however blocked by the 1 foot in stone, 1 common metal A thin sheet of lead or dirt, about 3 feet in length.

Very cool stuff, so something i would like to point out….this spell has listed doesn’t give the colors and what they mean, so i went ahead and just put in this article for you guys. Another thing worth pointing out here it doesn’t actually work on anything and invisible or anything it hidden at least not technically.

So let’s say there is an invisible person around you, you can sense the presence of a magic, but you can’t see the aura and as a result you can’t learn the school of magic. So, it’s a hard thing to DM, they’d essentially cast it, you tell them, know there is a magical presence within Within 30 feet. Like okay well i’d like to see the aura and the terminal kind of magic it is and they just have to say No you CAN’T.

Same is true id there’s like a magical sword locked in a box or locked behind a wall or however you want to do it DMS. You can tell them that there’s magic within 30 feet of them. You can’t tell them exactly where it is and you can’t tell them what school and you can’t have them see the aura.

So, it’s kind of weird you know and may be you define visible as something else than me but in my game’s how i’ve had to run. Super cool, super useful.

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DnD5E Detect Magic Characters

Here are the d&d 5e detect magic attributes and you can use the below table for the attributes. If you’ve any queries then contact us through the below comment section.

Casting time1 action
ClassesBard, Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Sorcerer, Wizard
DurabilityIt can take up to 10 minutes
NameDetect Magic

Now let’s get into the alternative uses of this spell.

Detect Magic 5E is used

It’d be super useful to be able to determine whether or not a player’s being possessed. It could give off or mentally command it in any way that you wish. You would be able to shop for magical items, regardless of whether or not a spell has been cast. That’s another fantastic use for this spell. Dating with useless garbage can save you a lot of time.

The third use is kind of along the same school of thought, it’d be a great way to determine whether or not someone is cheating you or manipulating you or whether or not the world around you was unbelievable. If a person hands you something and tells you that it can be trusted and then when you look at it it’s giving off waves of necrotic or illusion magic. Then you know what maybe it’s not that great for you, maybe you should look at that person with a little bit more scrutiny.