Did you know you can earn Bitcoin by playing AR game: Here’s how

In collaboration with Fold, Niantic and Fold have created a brand new cryptocurrency mining game. You might have seen this crypto-mining game in Pokemon Go.

Although the game’s core theme revolves around cryptocurrency, it is part of the metaverse. With augmented reality, players can mine and share Bitcoin. The new AR experience, which is an extension to the Fold app allows players to purchase gift cards and grab Bitcoin. Players will have the opportunity to test the new Fold AR experience in 2022.

We believe that Bitcoin is a simple game. “We believe that Bitcoin is a game. Millions of people all over the globe are playing it every day. They trade, trade, shill, and earn in pursuit of financial freedom. All the while, they avoid the villains inflation, money controls, censorship and other forms financial debasement,” Will Reeves (CEO of Fold) and David Steinbroner (Community Manager).

How to mine Bitcoin using the Fold app

You first need to install Fold and click the Play tab. The app makes use of AR technology to show users Bitcoins and other reward codes. Fold AR allows you to go around breaking down blocks and collect Bitcoin. When opened, these blocks will spawn one time every 10 minutes and trigger an “explosion of Rewards”.

Players will be able to unlock a puzzle by tapping on a block that has spawned. They will receive crypto once they have completed the puzzle. The Fold app offers Satoshis (the smallest Bitcoin unit) which are worth approximately 1/20th the price of one penny. Additional spins will give you additional rewards and time extensions to keep playing. Orange pills can also protect players from any unexpected dangers. Avoid poison pills or shitcoins, as they can destroy the Bitcoin earned. To increase their reward, Fold Cardholders will get additional spins and rewards boosts. The experience is open to everyone.

Fold will release the complete version of the game, which allows players to trade, locate, and hide Bitcoin all over the world when it is released. According to the company, merchants can engage with the community directly to offer incentives and rewards. The Fold app is available for both iOS and Android platforms. You can use the Fold app to mine Bitcoin.