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India is one of the leading countries where users have switched to the digital medium to make payments. There are multiple ways to make a payment. If you don’t have your card, you can use UPI. If you don’t have internet, you can still use UPI, and if you don’t even have UPI, there’s a way where users can just use the Aadhaar card number to send money digitally.

UIDAI has provided an option to send money using the Aadhaar on the BHIM application. This option works even if the recipient does not have any phone or UPI address. The main aim to introduce this new payment method is to enhance the spread of digital transactions.

How to make digital payment using Aadhaar number on BHIM

For this method, all you’ll need is the recipient’s 12-digit Aadhaar number. Once logged into the BHIM app, the user will just have to go to the beneficiaries option. There you will have to enter the recipient’s Aadhaar number.

The app will then ask you to verify the Aadhaar number. The system will verify the Aadhaar linking and populate the beneficiary address and then you can easily send the money.

What happens if the beneficiary has multiple bank accounts connected to Aadhaar?

UIDAI has confirmed that the bank account of the recipient chosen by him/her to receive DBT/Aadhaar-based credits will get credited.

Merchants using Aadhaar Pay POS for receiving payments can also use your Aadhaar Number and fingerprint to receive digital payment.

What happens if you have more than one bank account linked to Aadhaar?

You can use all accounts. While making Aadhaar Based payment, you will be given an option to choose the bank name from which you want to pay. You ultimately have the choice of deciding the bank, each time you make a payment using this method.