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The viral trend that has taken over the internet is the Disney Pixar Snapchat face filter. A new Cartoon 3D Style Lens has been introduced by the social media giant. It transforms your selfies into Disney Pixar characters. This lens is great for creating video and photos.

Snap claims that the Cartoon 3D Style Lens has been used by over 215,000,000 Snapchat users since its launch and that more than 1.7 Billion people have viewed it. The new filter for faces has been a big hit. The lens can be used on photos, paintings and even friends. This will transform your friend into a Disney Princess or Prince with doe-eyed eyes. Here’s how you can use the Disney Face Filter. This filter can also be used on Instagram.

Snapchat: How to Use Disney Pixar Filter (Cartoon 3D Style Lens).

Step 1. Open Snapchat on your smartphone (update as necessary). Step 2: Click the Cartoon 3D Style Lens at the top of your screen.
Step 3: Select the Cartoon 3D Style Lens. It will appear in the camera button.
Step 4: Press the long-press button or tap on the camera button for a picture.
The lens effects can be changed by tapping on the screen. It can be used to take selfies or video and then share them with friends.

How to create a Disney Pixar-inspired face filter for Instagram

Snapchat has the Disney Pixar filter, but there are other apps that allow you to manipulate photos to create cartoon characters. CartoonMe, one of these apps can be used to transform your photos or selfies into cartoon characters and caricatures. The app can be opened by clicking on the Get started button, and then you click the “Upload photo” option.

On the next page, you will be asked to decide whether to take a selfie or upload a picture from the gallery. After you take a selfie, you’ll be asked to unlock it and bear the short ad for 15 seconds. The photo will then transform into a 3D cartoon. Voila AI app also offers 3D cartoon mode.