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Hello everyone! today we’re going to be talking about Dnd 5e blessing spell. This spell is for party members who are passionate about helping others. This will be your first paladin spell within the camp or series. This is very intriguing, I think. It will be accessible to the cleric, or the Paladin. It can be found within the players’ manual.

Let me now show you some of the details. So that we all kind of get what we’re talking about.

D&D 5E Bless Spell Attributes

1st-level Enchantment

Casting time1 Action
Range:30 feet
Components:V, S.M. (a sprinkled with holy water)
Duration:Concentration for as long as 1 minute

Cast time is one action. The distance is approximately 30 feet. It lasts only one minute. It works in the following way:

Effect:Select three creatures within a given range. They can roll an additional 1d4 to make saving throws and attack rolls.

So if you wanted to target let’s say five creatures you need to burn a third level spell slot.

The holy trifinity spell consists of three components: Somatic, Material and Spiritual. You can also use it to activate the somatic element. It could implies that you’ve to have one hand free gesture with. A small amount of holy water is used as the material. This is similar to how a priest sprays holy water on people. An incantation must be spoken. The school unsurprisingly enchantment, i’m kind of curious as to why it isn’t actually divination but whatever who might a judge wizards right! This is very similar the bane magic. Only the auto-reverse can be completed.

Now let’s take a quick look at the full description. To make sure you aren’t confused.

Overview of the DnD5E Blessing Spell

The dnd5e blessing allows you to bless as many creatures within a certain range. Before the spell ends, however, the target must make an attacking roll and a saving throw. The target can then roll D4 and add that number to either their attack or saving throw.

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Higher Levels of Blessing DnD5E

This spell requires that you use the spell slot at 2nd Level or higher to cast. You can target one additional creature for each slot that is above the 1st Level.

Spell ListsCleric, dnd5e Paladin.

Casting Time1 action
ClassesCleric, Paladin
ComponentsV S M
DurabilityIt takes just 1 second
Higher Spell Slot DescYou can target an additional creature by casting this spell using a slot of 2nd level or higher level spell slot.
MaterialThe altar is sprinkled with holy water
The Range30 feet
TargetWithin the range, you can have up to three animals.

This is very cool. I’m sure you are all well aware that there are some super cool implications for the fact that of both attacks are that the fact that both effects attacks rolls and saving throws make this incredibly worth it. Let’s take a look at some alternative uses.

Other uses

This spell is most useful in situations where unity of the group is essential. This spell could be used in a team sport or arena matchup. It may seem like a small amount, but an extra d4 is extremely powerful. This applies to all modifiers, other than the saving throw. It can be used to win gladiatorial fighting, competitions, or other similar activities.

Please let me know if you have any crazy alternative use or fun stories involving this spell, i would absolutely love to hear how you’ve used bless in the past i know everyone else tuning in would as well.


One of the first 5e curses to be used is the dnd5e blessing. This spell adds an additional 4 to both the attack rolls and saving throws. Basically a common spell can be used by the cleric for the d&d 5e role-playing game.