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All adventurers! My website is yours. If you’re one of the wee folk and you gotta knack for helping all your party members then this feat is for you. it has found in the xanathar’s guide to everything and today we’re gonna be taking a look at dnd5e excellent luck feat. Let’s take a look at the description here. So we know we’re talking about.


This dnd 5e bountiful luck feat is available in the Xanathar’s Guide to Everything and it’s only Prerequisite is Halfling. So it’s race dependent. This feat is described in 5e.

Your people will be blessed with extraordinary luck by using the dnd5e trick. Your magic has been able to lend your companions help when they are struggling. It’s a mystery to you, but it is what you want. Of course surely the sign of fortune’s favor!

  • If you are within 30 feet of an ally, you can use the reaction for them to reroll their dice. However, the ally must still roll the new roll.
  • Only you can use this ability. However, you cannot use your lucky trait until your next turn ends completely.

This is some great stuff. This is incredible. Let’s do quick walkthrough here. This will help you to understand more. You can watch as we break it down.


So, this isn’t a spell for you to be lucky. It is possible to spell your friends lucky. This makes you a good support character. It doesn’t even say you have to be an initiative hughes’s. This could be spammed. Natural ones should not be a problem in your party, hypothesized. Especially since it’s a reroll that’s super great it’s not jus a flat add-on.

They will need to adjust to the new role. They could also reap the benefits of luck, if they are lucky enough to be successful. They are the ones that rule. This is true for advante-ordinate. It’s inspiration over story. Inspiration won’t stack with this.

It’s quite cool. Let me share some thoughts.

Personal Thoughts

This is a broken game. I wouldn’t say game breaking. Because you can use it every single time as a reply, it is broken. That’s nuts especially if you’re playing a class that doesn’t use your reaction a whole lot like long-range wizards for example. They have a couple spells of a reaction based but the majority of them require you to take damage and if you’re out in a fire you’re probably not taking much damage.

You must be at least 30 feet from them. So there is that but outside of that man this is your part you just won’t have to worry about natural or once. Unless more than one person rules a natural one before your next turn granted but still i would also allow it to be spammed outside of combat you’d have to buy raw.

I mean every six seconds they’d essentially get a new use of it. So it’d be kind of hard to keep track of that time frame right. Man what a solid choice if you’re a halfling i say you almost have to pick this.

Wow what just wonderful it’d be a great last-ditch effort if you don’t have any of your lucky die left if you decide to go with that feat. Wow i didn’t even know this was real until the other day and that’s crazy.

Alright! that’s it for this article. If you have any ideas, you’re crazy uses or stories for this or build ideas i’d really love to hear them down in the comments below. The question is: Who could be most benefitted? Anyone who isn’t using their reactions consistently. Anyone who’s a halfling even i go that far. If you’re picking a feat and you don’t pick this one, you should have a good reason for not picking this one that’s all i’m gonna say on bountiful luck 5e. I wish you guys success and happiness.