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From this text we’re going to be taking have a look at the dimir operative background 5e which is discovered within the guild masters’ information to ravnica and this background kind of fully changed the charlatan at most individuals’s tables. I’ve seen a pair feedback relating to the guild grasp’s information to ravnica backgrounds of which that is one and the way they’re form of overpowered relative to lots of the others. It is a very clear instance of why lots of people have that impression and why that’s the prevailing narrative. However earlier than you check out it’s description we wish to share our backgrounds for d&d web page so verify them after this text if you want to.


You’re a spy. The secrets and techniques and the misinformation are your inventory in a commerce solely. You do skulk in a varied shadows, infiltrate different guilds, and even steal essentially the most treasured secrets and techniques, nevertheless whether or not they’re written both in locked journals or they might hidden away in somebody’s thoughts. Even you won’t concentrate on all various kinds of causes that behind of the missions that you simply perform. However generally a mission’s sole objective is for concealing the motivation behind of one other strike carried out inside a special a part of the town, of merely for spreading concern.

Al although, as part of your covert work for a Home Dimir, you’ll additionally preserve a false id like a member of one other guild. You may as well choose your secondary guild or else roll for figuring out it randomly. In fact this secondary guild membership could determines a portion of your beginning tools and even can also be the place essentially the most of your contacts come from. Anyway, you infiltrate your secondary guild in an effort to be taught its secrets and techniques and preserve tabs on its actions, or most likely undermine it from inside.

  • Ability Proficiencies: Deception, Stealth
  • Instrument Proficiencies: Disguise package
  • Language Proficiencies: One in all your alternative
  • Gear: A Dimir insignia, three small knives, a set of dark-colored widespread garments, and the beginning tools of the background described on this chapter to your secondary guild

Function: False Identification

As per this false id function, you personal multiple id. Mainly, the one you put on more often than not shall make you seem for being a member of a guild apart from the Home Dimir. In fact you might have the documentation, established acquaintences, and even it disguises which let you assume that particular persona and it matches into the secondary guild. However each time you choose, you may drop this explicit id and in addition mix right into a guildless plenty of the town. Most likely, it considers why you’re embedded in a secondary guild. In fact you may create a narrative together with your DM, that’s impressed by rolling on both following desk or selecting a cause that fits for you.

1Impersonate a person to assemble info from that particular person’s contacts and associates.
2Make it possible for a specific individual (not a essential antagonist) at an journey website would not survive the encounter with the characters.
3Make it possible for a specific individual (not the primary villain) survives the journey.
4Get info from the primary villain by magically extracting the villain’s dying ideas.
5Plant proof to steer the opposite adventurers away from the true villain.
6Get info to a Dimir agent who’s embedded within the journey location.

Function: Dimir Guild Spells

Prerequisite: Spellcasting or Pact Magic class function

On your sake, the spells on this Dimir Guild spells desk have been added to a spell checklist of your spellcasting class (however If you’re a multiclass character with a number of spell lists, then these spells are added to all of them.)

Spell Listing
Spell StageSpells
Cantripencode ideas, mage hand
1stdisguise self, sleep
2nddetect ideas, cross with out hint
thirdgaseous kind, meld into stone, nondetection
4tharcane eye, freedom of motion
fifthmodify reminiscence

In fact your magic is supposed to be a delicate and undetectable, however after all it is likely to be pull the shadows or the clouds of the mist round you as you forged your spells. Nonetheless, through the use of the encode ideas cantrip which is talked about under, you possibly can flip a creature’s ideas (together with your personal) right into a thought strand which others might doubtlessly learn, share, and even steal. All these thought strands are handled like the precious forex among the many Dimir.

Steered Traits

It’s expert on the infiltration, disguise, and deception, members of Home Dimir seem inscrutable. In fact your true persona and the beliefs might need by no means been into manifest, or they may mark you want a unusual member of your secondary guild.

Character Trait

d8Character Trait
1I am good at hiding my true ideas and emotions.
2After I’m doubtful about revealing one thing, I assume it is a secret, and I do not share it.
3I wish to sound mysterious, as a result of knowledge hidden grows deeper with time.
4I’ve no persistence with individuals who get in my means.
5I really like listening to about different folks’s nightmares.
6Fight is supposed to be fast, clear, and one-sided.
7I like to stay to the shadows.
8I by no means present my anger. I simply plot my revenge.


1Guild: My guild is all that actually issues. (Any)
2Management: I like pulling the strings. (Lawful)
3Secrets and techniques: I gather secrets and techniques and by no means reveal them. (Any)
4Data: I need to know as a lot as I can about this metropolis and the way it works. (Any)
5Independence: I worth the liberty to pursue my very own targets with out interference. (Chaotic)
6Nihilism: I do not consider in something, and anybody who does is a idiot. (Impartial)


1I found a secret I can not let anybody else uncover-including my guild superiors.
2I shaped a detailed friendship or romance with somebody within the guild I am infiltrating.
3The Dimir agent who recruited me was unmasked and killed. My revenge on the killers will likely be thorough and painful.
4I spend as a lot time as I can within the Ismeri Library as a result of I am sure an info hub operates behind its facade. I would like its secrets and techniques!
5I am completely loyal to my superior within the guild, greater than to the guild or its guildmaster.
6Somebody has found my true id.


1I like secrets and techniques a lot that I am reluctant to share particulars of a plan even with those that have to know.
2I’d let my associates die reasonably than reveal my true id.
3I’ve hassle trusting anybody however myself.
4I’ve a specific vice that places all my secrets and techniques in danger if I am not cautious.
5I am fairly positive I’ve carried out one thing horrible that I can not keep in mind due to the guild’s thoughts magic.
6I put an excessive amount of belief within the individuals who give me orders.
Closing Phrases:

Did you perceive about this dnd 5e dimir operative background ? we hope this text helps you a large number in many alternative methods whereas enjoying together with your favourite character through the use of this. For those who nonetheless have any queries to ask us, you may remark under highlighting your question and we are going to reply them as quickly as attainable.