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All adventurers! You are welcome to my site. Today we’re going to be taking a look at d&d 5e drow high magic feat. If you’re part of the underdog dark race and you feel like you just need a little bit more into your arsenal already pretty mysterious and spooky stuff. This feat is worth taking a look at. If you’re unfamiliar with how feats work you get them usually every four levels or so some classes get them a little bit more than others but for the most part four levels is a generally accepted rule of thumb and do you get them instead of increasing your ability scores by two. All right with that out of the way let’s take a look at the description for drow high magic.


Now i’m sure as you might imagine. There is a prerequisite and that’s that you gotta be a drow. If you’re not a Drow no access. If you’re a Drow, green light. Now let’s read the description.

Prerequisite: Elf (Drow)

This feat dnd5e drows feat of high magic will help you learn more about dark elves.

The Detect magic spell can be learned, and you can also cast it at will. Dispel Magic and the Levitate can also be learned. After you have spent a spell slots, each one of these spells will be able to been cast. These two spells can be cast again after a rest. You can spellcast them all using your charisma.

This is some great stuff. Let’s take a look at a quick walkthrough just we can kind of break it down a little bit.


First, detect magic will increase will. Super great basically replaces a whole invocation if you’re a warlock and you get it just because you’re a drow pretty good. You can also use dispel magic and levitate, regardless of your class. You can dispel magic, which can cause great havoc in the lives and livelihoods of mages. However, levitate can add a whole new level to your character’s mobility.

A fact of the matter is you know the rest really isn’t too surprising your long wrists are short shorter because your also that’s pretty nice and charisma you know why you’re ready to get a pretty good boost to that already.

So let’s take a quick look at my personal thoughts here and you know what i think this is pretty good, i really do.


Without the use of spell slots, magic can be added to your arsenal. Who is the biggest beneficiary? You know i gotta say it’s kind of a toss-up. Magic utility isn’t a bad thing, you know. These spells are available for almost all classes of the game.

The tech magic super amazing levitate just as good and a spell magic is one of the most iconic D&D spells. So you know i can’t think of any bad classes for it. It’s got to make thematic sense so i mean naturally if your character show no interest in spell casting up until this point. It might not make sense from the picot but i could probably see the rogue it gaining the most from this especially the assassin and may be that’s just me personally using levitate is really really powerful stuff for a rogue.

You don’t know what? We would love to hear your ideas, build suggestions, and stories about drow magic 5e. You are welcome to post your comments in this section. Everybody who watches enjoys reading them. It’s really great community to be a part of. Anyway, I wish you guys a great day.