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So! how do you price the magic items in d&d 5th edition? Adventurers may want to be rewarded with glory while others desire the tangible treasure. While finding any magic item can be rewarding, there is nothing more satisfying. This article will discuss how DMs should handle selling and buying magic objects. This is the essence and purpose of this article Prices for dnd5e magical items. So let’s start.

The hidden potential of magic items is that they are not like equipment or normal items. Magic items can be used to cast spells or give players special abilities. Although there are guidelines, the DM is ultimately responsible to determine the value of magic objects.

In any case the detailed d&d 5e magic item price table that mentioned below, we shall be covering everything that you need to know about buying and selling the magic items. Of course here we would consider both the common and also the unusual cases which you could craft the fair economy in your game, and of course a quickly price the loot you’re handing out to your players.

D&D 5E Magic Item Prices By Rarity

Magic items are valued primarily on their rarity. However, common items can be bought at 50 to 100 gold pieces. In any case the rare d&d 5e magic items might be worth as much as 5,000 or even more. These legendary items are also worth up to 50,000 GBP.

Note:It is important that you remember these things d&d 5e starting gold

Here the pricing items that are based upon the their rarity shall be ensures that characters do not have any access to the high-level items before they’re almost ready only. The rarity of an item will determine its value for weapons, armor and magic items. Players won’t be as powerful when they start the game.

As per the d&d 5e magic items price list the valuing items on the rarity alone, even though, it is hardly enough. Prices could vary by hundreds or thousands of gold coins. So, here our question is How can the DM’s accurately price magic items and give their games an economy which makes sense for the players? Of course if you feel that we missed to include d&d 5e uncommon magic item price then an Uncommon item listed from 101 to 500 gpThis grant you +1 to AC, and saving throws

You may be interested in looking at magic item rarity table 5e

An in-depth pricing guide for magic items

From the below given table we’ve mentioned dnd 5e magic items and cost in gold pieces. These prices are based on rarity as stated in the sourcebooks and popular opinion, based upon actual game sessions.

Magic itemPrices in gold piecesDescription
Potion for healing50Regain 2d4+2 hit points
Potion of Greater Healing400Get 4d4+4 Hit points
Potion of Heroism200Temporary HP & Blessing for 1 hour
Armor +1,500Any type or standard armor
Armor +26,000Any Type of Armor +2
Oil of Slipperiness600Oil a Medium Creature
Ammunition +120 eachAny ammunition type +1 (single).
Ammunition +2100 per orderAny type of ammunition +2
Superior Healing Potion500Gain 8d4 +8 hit points
Universal Solvent200Instantly dissolves sovereign glue
Sovereign Glue400Strong Magical Adhesive
Potion Speed300Haste for 1 Minute
Potion of Flying400Fly at a speed equal to your walking speed.
Potion of Invisibility200You will feel invisible for an hour after drinking it.
Horn of Blasting500Unleash the Thunderous Bomber
Weapon +11,000Any weapon type +1
The Helm of Comprehend Languages600You can understand and carry out language actions when you wear this helm.
Deck of Illusions6,000Summon random illusionary creatures
Wand of Secrets1,000Charges can be used to command someone, charm them, or understand their languages.
Vicious Weapon400A Critical Strike deals additional damage
Level 1 of The Spell Scroll50This includes a Level 1 Spell
Level 2 of the Spell Scroll100Includes Level 2 Spell
Level 3 of The Spell Scroll200This spell contains a Level 3-level spell
Shield +11,000Any Shield +1 to AC
Potion for water breathing100You can take a sip of this potion and breathe underwater for up one hour
Potion for Climbing200For one hour, increase your climbing speed at the same speed as your walking speed.
Potion for Animal Friendship200One Hour of Animal Friendship
Level 4 of the Spell Scroll300Includes a Level 4 spell
Mithril Armor700Armor (heavy or medium, hideous or heavy)
Philter of Love100This is how you fall for your partner.
Dust of Dryness500Allow water to absorb before releasing it
Adamantine Armor600Critical Strikes Have Become a Normal Hit
Elemental Gem800Summon an Elemental
Driftglobe800A Hovering, Illuminated Globe
Trident of Fish Command800Cast wins over swimming mammals
Beads for Force900This Exploding Betad Deals 5d4 to Reduce Force Damage
Spell Scroll 5800Included is a Level 5 Spell
Javelin of Lightning1,000Lightning damage up to 4d6 per hit
Circlet of Blasting1,000Cast Scorching Ray to Take Action
Ring of Warmth1,000Resistance to Cold Damage
The Sword of Life Stealing1,000Deals 3d6 Negroc Damage
Clairvoyance potion1,000Enjoy the benefits of the clairvoyance magic
Eversmoking Bottle1,000Produces thick smoke
Potion of Vitality1,200Any disease or poison can be eliminated
Python Staff2,000This staff can transform into a constrictor serpent.
Sending Stones2,000These stones can also be used to cast the spell of sending
Ring of Feather Falls2,000Don’t fall for the following:
Frost Brand2,000You can deal additional 1d6 cold damage Resistance to fire on a hit
Boots for Elvenkind2,000While wearing these boots, your steps won’t sound.
Spell Scroll Level 61,000This spell contains a Level 6-level Spell
Level 7 in the Spell Scroll2,000This spell includes a level 7 spell
Sword of Sharpness2,000Maximum Damage Dice: Deal maximum damage to a hit
Ring of Swimming2,000You can swim at 40 feet per hour while wearing this ring
Eyes of Minute Seeing2,000Advantage on Intelligence Checks
Sword of Wounding2,0001d4 Negrocious Damage
The Adder’s staff2,000A poisonous snake can be animated
Prayer beads – God Bless2,000Cast Bless is a bonus act
Ring of Water Walking2,000As if the liquid surface was a solid ground, you can stand on it and walk on it.
Chime of Opening2,000Lock or Latch a Door
Bracers to Archery2,000Bows +2 to damage rolls
Prayer Bead – Smiting2,000Cast Branding Smite to Get a Bonus Action
Wind Fan2,000Give a gust of wind
Horseshoes for Zephyr2,000Horses (or similar animals) can hover
Rope of Climbing2,000An Animated Rope
Potion of Supreme Healing2,00010d4 +20 Hit points
Quiver of Ehlonna1,000Extra-dimensional compartments are available in the quiver
Ioun Stone for Sustenance1,000You don’t have to eat or drink.
Ioun Stone for Fortitude2,000+2 to The Constitution
Heward’s Handy Haversack2,000Extra-large backpack
Elven Chain3,000+1 to AC
Level 8 in the Spell Scroll4,000This spell contains a Level-8 Spell
Oil of Etherealness2,000Apply to cast etherealness.
Glamoured Studded Leather2,000+1 AC Enchanted Leather Armor
Potion of Fire Breath100This potion can be used to exhale fire at a target.
Flame Tongue4000While the sword is burning, it inflicts an additional 2d6 fire damage
Oathbow3,000“Swift defeat to my enemies.”
Pipes for the Sewers2,000Calms Rats
Dancing Sword2,000A hovering sword
Wand of Magic Detection2,000Cast Detect Magic is an Action
Onyx Dog3,000Figurine of Wondrous Strength
Medallion of Thoughts3,000Cast Detect Thoughts
Ring of Protection3,000+1 to AC
Ioun Stone of Regeneration3,000+15 Hit Points per Hour
Ioun Stone, Agility2,000+2 to Dexterity
Ioun Stone of Protection1,000+1 to AC
Dimensional Shackles3,000This allows you to keep a creature in a specific plane of existence
Dagger of Venom3,000+1 Poisonous Blade
Eyes of the Eagles3,000Advantages of sight-based perception tests
Wand of War Mage+11,000Spell Attack Rolls: +1
Staff of Withering3,000Deals extra Necrotic Damage
Quaal’s Feather Token Bird3,000Summon a Multicolored Bird
Ioun Stone Strength3,000+2 to Strength
Ioun Stone, Leader3,000+2 to Charisma
Ioun stone of Intellect3,000+2 to Intelligence
Ioun Stone, Insight3,000+2 to Wisdom
Ring of the Ram4000This ring produces a spectral ram’s head.
Ring of Animal Influence5,000Talk to animals about animal compassion, fear, and friendship
Gloves for Missile Snaring3,000Use a reaction to reduce damage
Ring of Jumping3,000Cast Jump is an additional action
Quaal’s Feather Token Swan Boat3,000Create a Magical Boat
Periapt of Health4000All Diseases are Immune
Stone of Good Luck4,000Ability checks and Savings Throws: +1
Wings of Flying4,000You can transform this cloak into a pair of batwings or a pair.
Wand of War Mage +24,000Spell Attack Rolls +2
Lantern of Revealing4,000Invisible creatures become visible
Ivory Goat1,000Figure of Wonderous Power
Wand of Enemy Protection4,000Be sensitive to the needs of hostile enemies
Rod immovable4,000Magically fixed in the location
Dragon Scale Mail4,000For armor making, dragon scales are used
Boots of Speed4,000Get twice the speed of your walk
Cloak of Protection4,000AC and Saving Throws: +
Armor of Resistance5,000Resistance to 1 Type of Damage
Arrow-Catching Shield5,000+2 AC for Ranged Attacks
Alchemy Jug5,000Use a variety of liquids
Pearl of Power5,000Get back an expired Spell Slot
Silver Raven5,000Figurine of Wondrous Strength
Weapon +26,000+2 to Attack and Damage Rolls
Bag of Holding5,000The interior of this bag is much larger than what it seems.
Necklace of Fireballs(6)6,000Cast the Fireball Spell
Hat of Disguise6,000Cast Disguise Self
Wand of Magic Missiles5,000Cast Magic Missile
Gloves for Thievery6,000+5 to lock picking tests
Ring of Resistance6,000Resistance to 1 Type of Damage
Scimitar of Speed6,000+2 to Damage or Attack Rolls
The Wand of Web7,000Cast the Web Spell
Shield +27,000+2 AC Bonus
Bracers of Defense7,000+2 Unarmored AC
Dragon Slayer8,000Dragon-type creatures take an additional 3d6 hit with the +1 sword
Broom of Flying7,000Flys at 50 feet
Ring of X-Ray Vision7,000Solid matter can be seen.
Dwarven Plate8,000Distance Reduced by +2 AC
Charming Staff10,000Cast command, charm person, or comprehend languages
Mace of Terror9,000Fear your enemies for up to 1 minute
The Ring of Regeneration10,000+1d6 Hit points every 10 minutes
Sun Blade10,000Radiance Luminous Saddle
Weapon +310,000Standard Weapon Type +3
Armor +330,000Type of Standard Armor +3
Efreeti Chain30,000+3 AC. +3 AC.
Shield +320,000+2 AC
Vorpal Sword20,000+3 sword which beheads an animal during a critical strike
Ring of Invisibility10,000Take action to make yourself invisible
Boats that Fold10,000A box that can transform into a vessel
Ring of Spell Storing20,000This ring stores the spells you cast into them
Robe of Eyes20,000Any direction is possible, even for invisible beings
Rod of Lordly Might30,000+3 Rod with Six Buttons
Crystal Ball40,000Cast the Scrying Spell
Robe of Stars70,000Get +1 off Throws
Robe of Telekinesis80,000Telekinesis can also be performed at your will
The Woodlands Staff40,000Great Druidic Power Staff
Robe for the Archmagi40,000Legendary Robe with Incredible Magical Potential
Cloak of Invisibility90,000You can pull the cloak over your head to make yourself invisible
Holy Avenger200,000This legendary +3 sword inflicts radiant injury and protects friendly allies

This table can be used for pricing magic items. The DM can determine the value of goods in DnD game. These are reasonable prices to buy magic items in Dnd5e.

Different magic items are available in DnD

Many types of magic items are available to adventurers during their adventures. The glowing bow and the suit of armor in Dragon Scale, the haunted instrument and the magic times all have magical abilities and can be purchased.

Some of these items, such the spell scrolls, or the potions, cannot be consumed. These items are non-returnable once they have been used. The item can be consumed by drinking a potion, but the magic blade could last for many centuries.

Some magic items can only be used for their intended purpose. Some magic items are only useful. Others can give their owners extraordinary powers. These magical items are legendary. These items are rare and extremely valuable.

And also while the most of the magic items are capable of using to enhance the player’s abilities, that they also have the monetary value in a specific game world.

Now what’s more, the individual d&d 5e magic item prices aren’t, by any means, set in a stone. They’re usually up to their Dungeon Master. This is how it works. How can you figure out the price of hundreds magical products?

Answer to these questions is “rarety” The DMG always gives a very basic solution for the pricing magic items based on an item’s rarity level.

Where can players buy and sell magic items?

DnD campaigns are extremely rare for magic items. The Powerful items from faraway vaults can be extremely valuable but it isn’t always easy to find buyers.

It might be more difficult to purchase magic items in Dungeons & Dragons role-playing games using coins alone. An alchemist might not want to give up the magic potion in exchange for a favor.

Why because the magic items in d&d are mostly very expensive, in finding someone for buying them is hard too. Although your party might have a few powerful items you wanted to sell off, most shops don’t have enough gold pieces to buy them all.

DnD5E magic items by price

Prices for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons magic objects are determined based on their rarity. Naturally It can be helpful to price magic items based on their rarity.. If they are behind a paywall, low-level characters can’t obtain powerful items.

However simply like the items in a real economy, the d&d 5e magic item price guide which varies depends upon the situation. If the seller realizes that players are really in need of the magic item, then it might increase in price.

How to Prices Cursed Items

The cursed magical objects are often associated with negative properties. The curse may affect the item’s value. For an instance, a shop perhaps will not buy the magic amulet which unleashes an annoying ghost every night, even if it does increase the wearer’s intelligence though.

Trade for Magic Items

Let’s suppose that the players are in a place where traders, adventurers, and explorers congregate. They could trade magic items. You might find many magic items in these locations. Players can trade as long as they have enough money.

It is important to price all items and make a list in these situations. You must make sure for selecting the items appropriate for the player’s levels.

Imagine players having a powerful item in their early stages so that encounters with monsters or other creatures are less daunting.

Pricing of custom magic items

Simply by changing the item type or tweaking existing items, you can create a new magical item. Most likely, the new item will have the same value that the original one.

A custom magic item can also have a precise value depending on its power level. For instance, a wand allowing the holder of level 6 spells could be very valuable and be worth several thousand of gold coins. As you’ve seen in the above paragraph d&d 5e magic item price range.


From this d&d 5e magic item cost table article you have been gotten so much of knowledge.These magic item prices 5e xanathar are more genuine and accurate in many cases. This list is not important. The comment section below allows you to ask questions about the 5th Edition of the dnd.