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We welcome adventurers of all sizes! Thank you for your submission to my spellbook. The 64th edition is now available. feats 5e we’ve been covering on this feat series and today we’re looking at dnd5e wild talent feat now this is a very interesting feat in the way that it’s more of a mechanic and experiment mechanic than a feat itself. This is the Unearthed Arcana. I think it’s very interesting how they went about it? This feat is not recommended by most characters. Maybe if you’ve been playing 5e for a couple years and it’s not really challenging to you anymore and you’re running a one-shot in that case i might allow it. But in an actual campaign there’s no way, there’s just too many things to keep track of. If you don’t have complete trust in your players to know exactly what they’re doing and be honest with you, there’s a good chance they can kind of muddle things up but i’ll get into that a little bit more as we progress. This is gonna be a longer article by the way, there’s just a lot that needs to be covered here. Let’s take a look at the description at least the initial description and then we’ll kind of go from there.


You’re almost awaken to your psionic potential, which would increase your mind or body. You can increase your ability score by up to 20 points. Of course you’re also being harbor the wellspring of psionic power within yourself only, however an energy that ebbs and also flows as you channel it in different ways. This power can be represented by the Psionic Talent death. It has a size starting at d6.

It’s quite cool. It is important to note which ability score your character chooses. This ability score is used for calculating a few other abilities related to 5e, psionics. We’re gonna be covering a lot of that in another article but for this post we’re just gonna focus on wild talent, i kind of go from there. That being said let’s see exactly what this feat let’s you do.

Either of these can be done. These are just two of many uses for your Psionic Ability.

Psi-Boosted Ability: If you make an Ability Test with an ability that is improved by this feat, you may still roll your Psionic talent death and add the result to a checked. You can roll the d20 prior to or after the check succeeds or fails, but you won’t know if it was successful or not.

Psi-Guided Strike: The Psionic Ability allows you to hit once per turn with an attack roll. After making the damage roll you can roll the Psionic talent dice and replace the damage die with the number from the Psionic Ability.

Which is very interesting mechanic in the way that it’s make me remember a lot of the battle master combat manoeuvers and you get to add your manoeuver die but this one replaces it. So it’s pretty interesting. The first ability kind of reminds me of discount luck as it were cuz you don’t really get to roll with advantage or disadvantage but you can add the roll. Very similar to guidance in that way i suppose but it’s very limited in terms of scope so that initial ability increase it’s got to be important. So now that we’ve gone over the uses for your psionic talent die let’s actually it take a look at how its sizing works.

So essentially if you roll the highest number on the die, so if you’re starting out of the d6 and you roll a six actually decreases by one size. This means it goes from a number 6 down to a number 4. If the maximum is rolled, the maximum roll on a d4 vanishes. This will continue until you have taken your rest or whatever else you call it.

The dice will grow by one if you roll the lowest number. So it’s very cool stuff. It works much like cantrips and scales accordingly. It grows in size with each level. Fifth level becomes a d8, 11th becomes level d10 and 17th is level d12.

Very interesting stuff so assuming you roll the one on the d12 and then use your either the second time as a bonus a action which we’ll get into in a little bit here. This can be increased to d20 which is very interesting. I don’t know i feel like this is better as a class ability but i’ll talk about that in a little bit and then if you’ve it from another source so if you have two source that give you a psionic die which is likely to happen if this makes it into the main game.

You don’t get more than one die, you only use one and you use the one with the largest starting size which makes logical sense. So now let’s talk about Psi Replenishment.

Psi Replenishment:You can make further use of your sonic abilities die with Psi Replenishment. You can also calm your mind and restore the original size of your Psionic ability die. Of course after then you can’t use Psi Replenishment again until you would finish a long rest.

This means that you can get two of them each day. I don’t really know how i feel about this mechanic because it implies that it’s meant to be used within combat. It is quite interesting.

Changing the Die’s Size: Let’s suppose you roll the highest possible number on your Psionic ability die. The die size will decrease after a certain roll. However this represents you’re burning through your psionic energy. If a die is an d6, you will roll a 6 and it will become an d4. In any case if it’s a d4 and you roll a 4, then it becomes unusable until you finish a long rest.

Rolling a 1 on Psionic Talent will cause it to grow one die in size. This is your way to save psionic energies for later. Roll a 1 on the d4 to make it an d6.

Let’s suppose that your Psionic Ability Die automatically resets to its original size after you take a rest. Your Psionic ability dies at certain levels.

In any case your Psionic Talent die is from another source, like a class feature, then you don’t get more than a die; use only the one with the largest starting size.

Now let’s take a quick look at the walkthrough.


Add one to each stat. This stat can be used to modify other psionic abilities. It’s also the main focus of. This sounds aquaila, too. The psionic talent die is also created. It begins with a number 6. This die is useful for many purposes. Based on the stat you chose before.

Your talent will increase if you get the lowest outcome and decrease if it gets the best. Based on your character level, the base die can be increased. To regain your base die, you can use a bonus action once per long rest.

It’s kind of the simplest way i can really describe how this feat works. It’s pretty complicated in of itself it does i really only recommend it for experienced players. Now let’s get to my personal thoughts on it.


As most people know, 5e will have more sounds classes. This has been done before. It is unclear if the psionic class will be full-on for dnd5e. In pervious editions it was but in those editions it was also ludicrously overpowered and it was a very difficult to play and i know that given the current nature of 5e and the recent culture on min maxing and making the most powerful builds, i think wizards is very apprehensive as to whether or not to make this sound like its own class and if they do how they’re gonna go about it without making it game breaking or leading to potentially broken multi-class.

This is an acceptable way to try it. Players can then add psionics to each class to determine which one is the most effective. In the near future, all of the psionic (UA) feats will be covered. These feats only apply to a small number of classes, so keep your eyes peeled. Some feats are considered martial while others are not. It’s very interesting how they’re setting it up. I like the idea of each class being able to coexist with other classes. I think that makes a lot of sense and i think that’s the way it was gonna go with this.

These feats are quite impressive, but others are terrible when compared to what they were. This is what I’ll be discussing. This is just kind of part of the growing pains of dungeons and dragons 5e, it relates to unearthed arcana they change, they tweak, they re release and psionics is is kind of something that’s been talked about for a very long time.

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In any case i’m very excited to see what comes out of it, i think this is a good direction. Please share your thoughts with me in the comments. Are you excited by psionic? Do you fear it? Do you have any experience with it? may be i don’t know. Let me know if you have any questions. I wish you a great day.