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Subash Chandra Bose was recently honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. However, it wasn’t actually a statue. A Hologram would be a better option. A granite statue will replace the Hologram statue. This is the exact spot where the actual art work will be located.

Are you curious about holograms?

Since the beginning of time, holograms were a common part in sci-fi films. It looks as though the tech is made of super-advanced technology. It has been seen in Marvel films, where Tony Stark plays with his holographic machine. Although it appears futuristic it actually has a very simple concept.

What is the secret to it?

Refraction is the core principle behind Holograms. Refraction is the process of light being reflected in such a manner that it appears as if there are 3D images. In some instances, this can even appear to be a moving image. Although the Subash Chandra Bose new hologram uses a state-of-the art projector, it is still based on the exact same principles.

Nearly all holograms have a light source which emits an image and reflects back from an almost transparent object. The transparent object could be either a transparent sheet of glass, or transparent plastic.

Do I have to build it myself?

It’s not difficult to make a homemade hologram projector. These are the essential ingredients.

A ruler and an old CD/DVD
A marker
A cotton swab, or piece of cloth.
A tape
Yes, you can get a smartphone

What can you do to achieve it?

Take an old DVD or CD. The better condition the disc is, the higher quality holograms you will get. Next, take the cutter to cut the layers of plastic in the CD.

After you have removed the film, simply take off the transparent CD. Use the nail polish remover on the clean side to eliminate any remaining film. The film will be almost transparent.

This is the tricky part. Take CD, and make four pieces identically in the trapezium shape. Flatten the top and bottom portions of your cut-out. It is important that all shapes are exactly equal.

When you’ve got all the trapezium-shaped pieces of your hand in your hands, use transparent tape to join them. You will get an appearance that looks almost like a pyramid, but without its peak.

The next step is to create holographic images using your smartphone by opening a video. Next, the easiest step. Simply place your creation onto the screen to enjoy a scifi-inspired Hologram.

Refer to the video below. After watching the second video, you can place the 3D traperium onto the screen.